day ten

i’m craziest with my husband… he just brings it out in me…
 our most recent crazy adventure was to the Olympic National Forest to get our 2010 Christmas tree in the dark. And then to being it back inside our 1974 Volkswagon Bus.
(I guess buying the bus in August would also count as a crazy adventure!)
Alderbrook 2008
 Roloff Farm October 2008
 Februrary 2009 – Dance-a-thon
Twilight Birthday – full of surprises and the start of all the themed cakes…
April 2009
Bear Grylls party for Nate – we love costumes.
 Hawaii 2009 with Jan and Mitchell
 Wizard of Oz – Halloween 2009

Hawaii 2009 – Maui

Family Reunion 2009 – we won the balloon toss!
Hawaii 2010 Oahu
so many adventures and so many to come!

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