snow day extras and an inspiration forecast

it’s a snow day so I have some extra time…
first I want to share 2 new blogs I am following The Beautiful Frugal Life and Not So Suzy Homemaker. I have found Beautiful Frugal to be applicable to my life and the ways I’m trying to be better at deal finding. Not so Suzy has a refreshing humor and honesty that I appreciate and has been challenging me to try new things. including picking up a sewing machine!

both have inspired me; hence i share the inspiration here.

also discovered flip and tumble reusable grocery bags (and produce totes) that I just adore. just waiting for the budget to allow me to get some!

now for the inspiration forecast:
i plan to share some teacher tidbits including seasonal bulletin boards and chapter book read alouds.
also a few recipes I’ve tried recently…
my top 5 cheap dates…
and a wedding, clothesline inspired, decor item

stay tuned!

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