day twenty eight

*** a picture of something you are afraid of ***

you will laugh, i would scream…

ever since they kept me out of my dorm room in 2002, hissing on my porch or from the trees as i have walked home i have had an absolute fear and disdain for … get ready…

yes these “cute” faces terrify me.

and from even before that, ask those in my international foods class in high school…

you are sure to see a reaction if i come across sprouted potatoes in my pantry. in fact i could barely find a picture I was that creeped out.

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  1. I can't even BELIEVE that you got close enough to take a picture of the potatoes! good for you! Maybe it will help cure you of this phopia,,,you'd have to do it time after time though…it's called "flooding". 🙂

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