day twenty seven

** a photo of you and ‘our newest’ family member **
I added in ‘our newest’ since my wee cousin was born TODAY!

A photo of just the family member will have to do for now since I can’t get to the hospital until tomorrow afternoon… I’ll add one of the two of us later. 🙂

This is the latest addition to our family. He is the son of my cousin, Bethany, and her husband Stan. Presenting Konrad Augustus born today just after 8pm at 7lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches long.
They kept the gender a secret so until today at 9:30 when I got the word my sister and I had been calling him “baby tutu.” Out with “baby tutu” and in with Konrad!
Too cool that the “photo of you and a family member” day came today – the day he was born. Enjoy and after I see him tomorrow afternoon I will share a pic of us together!
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