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I referenced “Goose” our latest addition in a Thankful on a Thursday post and promised to introduce you to our latest addition. Gray Goose or as we call her “Goose” or “Goosinator” is our newest little kitten. And man is she small. We go her between 5-6 weeks old and since we got our other cat at 8 weeks (already litter trained) this time around it was a bit different. Plus she has a totally different personality.

She brings so much joy and laughter to us. Right now she is in our room most of the time since she can’t be around Dosey-Doe until she has her leukemia and AIDS check later this week.

Then she can be around the house. But the dogs are loving her, she is warming up to them, and at least now Dosey-Doe will come downstairs and isn’t constantly hissing. I think it was  a good thing that we had to keep them a part for the first bit.

Any way… here is is! In all her adorable, snuggly goodness. If this sweet little girl doesn’t inspire you, not sure what will!

The story behind the name…
My first dog – who I got in college before I knew Ben – was named after IPA (India Pale Ale). My roommate at the time had a Yorkie Poo named “Porter” after Black Butte Porter – also a beer so we did it to be clever. 🙂
I had planned on getting a dark colored dog and naming it Stout,  (For my favorite beer ~ Oatmeal Stout ) but when I got a white dog I had to trade the name for something that suited her light coloration better. It was either Heffi (For Hefeweizen) or IPA. She became Ipa-Mae.
(Starbucks had also just started putting out coffee from Ipa-Nema and there is a famous song with that in it…)
Then came Marley-Moe who Ben got for me, right before we got married. She was going to be Esb-Lu (For Extra Special Bitter beer) or  Stout (Oatmeal Stout). BUT… when we met her she had the name Molly. We changed it to Marley-Moe – short for Marley-Mojito
(Which is Ben’s favorite drink!)
Then came Dosey-Doe who we inherited from Ben’s sister, Emily, and is named after the local Hood Canal Dosewallips Pale Ale, brewed in our area.
Along came the new kitten so… she got named Gray “Goose” after Gray Goose vodka.
All that said… we drink very little.
BUT it just became a running joke. And now… we can’t leave it behind.
So we have…

And yes our quiver is now full!
Hope it gets you thinking about a fun, inspiring name for your next pet.

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