Making Room: why so many book reviews?

If you know me at all you know I love books! I’m never with out one, or more like a bag full of books. Reviewing books is one of my favorite perks of having this blog and that will continue to be part of what I do here. BUT you may have noticed an influx of reviewing, and little else posting, for a bit now. This is because I’m making room. No not just for new books on my “to read” shelf, but for several other things.

First off I’m paying attention to God’s voice, no He doesn’t speak to me audibly, it looks/sound/feels more like a prompting in my spirit that is then confirmed in other ways once I honor it. He has been spurring me on to read through the Bible in it’s entirety for a while now. I’m finally doing it, but the first step to accomplishing this was to commit to pull way back on the number of outside books I’m reviewing. So while I may still do some periodically it won’t be as frequent. This was totally confirmed when two major groups I review for are closing their doors or have been out of commission for a while. Scratch that, just got a third email in my inbox and another group is closing up shop too, so that makes THREE. That being said, something must be changing in the book review world… Book launch teams perhaps? Maybe the regulations are changing, I’m not sure. But I am grateful that these felt like total confirmations of what God was prompting me to do personally.

Secondly, I’m continuing to revamp our lives, to simplify and to make room for more spotenaity, a less frantic schedule, and fewer commitments, and more time for what is most important to us. I started on this journey almost exactly three years ago when I started Bible Journaling and my life is radically different. It started when I began reading a devotional called Savor and then also Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist (twice!) (Find more about that influence in my life here.) Here I am again reading Savor in community with some fellow ladies and being reminded of this same concept – Antifrantic. I use this question to guide my responses, “Will saying yes to this require me to live in a frantic way?” This question changed everything for me. My yeses come less frequently and the word itself hits my tongue much slower now. I ask will saying yes to this require a no to more important things. I know where I want my yes responses to land and I am making room. I  want more room for my family and my faith, I want to continue to make room for my creative worship form of Bible Journaling both for myself and as I teach classes, facilitate workshops and meetups for Pacific Northwest Bible Journaling   and begin the adventure of bible journaling with my boys. I’d also like to write more. I am a life-long learner and will never stop reading. But I am also a writer, and no not just of these short “book report” type review pieces. I love that with blogging and reviewing I am staying up to date on technology and learning new things in this ever evolving techy world, plus doing new things like creating and waiting videos! Yes I have a YouTube channel. I’d love to do more of this, but in order to make room and have time book reviewing will slow down. I’d also like to dabble a little with some vlogs here. (Video Blogs, and answer more of your questions that way!)

Finally I am adventuring into another stretch of 21 day fix and that takes commitment, time, and loads of energy so here’s to making room. You can read more about my first experience with 21 day fix here, and stay tuned for some more personal updates soon!

Hope you’ll follow along here as I make room and share more about these areas in the new future.

– Bible reading and the creative worship of Bible Journaling

– Writing, just more about life, motherhood, and what I’m learning.

– 21 day fix and how I make it work for me.

– Food – as I’m making room I’m also hoping to share more about feeding my family and those who we welcome into our home and life with stories about our table and recipes for you to try.


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