Easter Playdate

I had the pleasure of hosting a festive Easter playdate this week. I had to move it to my Mom’s house since so many Momma’s and their little ones could make it. The key for me was using what I already had – to decorate my own home – to make the party easy and festive.
Overall I spent about an hour running errands to pick up what I didn’t already have in my cabinets, craft bins, and pantry. Plus about 3 hours one evening to do the prep work. For me this is the fun stuff so it really was a total joy to do.

I brought these wee daffodils as a “thank you” to our “Nona” – that’s my Mom – for opening up her home yet again to all of us!
For favors I put together these sidewalk chalk Easter eggs and fishy cracker carrots. I got the little labels as a free pintable here. I love quick and cute!
  Plus I am focusing on non-candy options for our Easter basket and I loved that these were wee gifts we could give that I could see the kiddos really using.

A few years ago I made these Easter eggs out of embroidery floss. I dipped them in liquid starch and wrapped them around small blown up water balloons. Then you pop the balloon and you are left with cute and colorful eggs. For two years I had them displayed in a trifle bowl and this year I tied them to ribbon as a garland. Next year I plan to hang them from branches as our “Easter Tree.”
The bunny ear cups were used for popcorn which is a quick and not-too-bad-for-you snack that kids love. The kids especially loved toting these adorable cups around.
(This was a quick and super cute project and was maybe my favorite thing I put together for the day!) I just made cupcakes, the popcorn, and some orange juice and then the other Mom’s brought yummy snacks to share.

My little Cashel Man really loved the popcorn.

I shared the resurrection eggs with the kids and they loved each taking a turn to open an egg.
Thankfully I had limited the number of kids to 12 and that was perfect because there are 12 eggs so each kiddo got to open one! They are a great way to share the story of Jesus death and resurrection with kids even when they are very small.
They will be a tradition in our house and it is super easy to just make your own.
Covering the table with newspaper was a good move.

We used puff balls clipped tightly in clothespins as our paint brush “dobbers” to each decorate an Ester Egg. And then on the second egg we just used double sided stick tape and tossed the egg into a Ziploc bag with glitter inside and shook with fury.

The kids really could do both these crafts themselves which is what I loved about them. They created their own eggs with just a tad bit of help from their Moms. Thanks to Callie of “Through Clouded Glass” for the glitter idea. She made hearts at Valentines Day with her MOPS group and then put them on a garland. I knew then I would save the idea for Easter Eggs. I love how they turned out!


Then we used the clothespins to pin them to our “Easter Tree” to dry. So fun and festive.
We also made this tomb snack and boy did Cashel love the frosting!
“They found the stone rolled away from the tomb” Luke 24:2
“He is not here. He is risen!” Luke 24:6
After we read our story we headed to oven where our “Resurrection Rolls” had been baking. We talked about how Jesus’ body (mini marshmallow) had been wrapped in cloth (crescent rolls) with burial oil and spices (butter and cinnamon-sugar sprinkle), then placed in the tomb (the oven). 3 days later he was gone – risen from the dead. And miraculously the body of Jesus (the marshmallow) was gone too. So amazing to them!
What a wonderful, festive, and special morning.
A few party tips:
1. Use what you have.
2. Go simple – it can be simple and cute at the same time.
3. Cover your craft space with newspaper for easy cleanup.
4. If using glitter (go outside when you can) and be sure the ziplock bags are sealed shut.
5. Baby wipes are great to have on hand for easy cleanup. (I forgot this and wish I hadn’t.)
6. Ask the Mom’s coming to bring a snack to share so you don’t have to feel obligated to provide everything.

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