Surviving… No… Thriving in the holidays: A mini series

So as the holidays approach I am looking to lessen stress and increase merriment, joy, laughter, and generosity in our home.

I by no means am an expert on getting through the holidays stress free. However, I am trying. I am learning from those around me. Gleaning information from the “experts.” (aka people who’ve been doing this longer then me – especially with kids.)

The information I’m going to share in this mini series is based on my own experience, interviews I am doing, and also from a class I took from two local elementary teachers who have also raised their own families.

Since we got married we have discussed how the holidays will be different with children and that we want them to be enjoyable, focused on family and faith, and be enjoyable for everyone.

After Benjamin and I participated in a round table discussion (parenting class) I am more determined then ever to do what we can to thrive in the Holidays.

I’m hoping to share some fun ideas, tips to staying healthy, parenting insights, and throw out some traditions and new things we are trying as a family that might inspire you. Hoping to explore gift giving, to write a “wish list” or not to write a “wish list,” advent ideas, traditions, traveling tips and so much more. Yes it is a mini series so I’ll try to keep ideas and my thoughts as brief as possible while still sharing things that matter.

Do you have things you’d like to see me cover? If so let me know! Comment below or post your questions on Inspiration Clothesline on Facebook.

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  1. This is a great idea! Our biggest struggle is balancing all the gatherings because I want some days/weekends free for things with just our little family. It's hard to say no sometimes.

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