Fall Favorites: Giveaway

Well since Fall is my favorite season what better time to do a giveaway!

So today I will begin a giveaway that will close Sunday night Septemper 27th at midnight. . 🙂 You’ll have multiple ways to enter so get your entries in! The giveaway includes a yummy pumpkin candle (fall scents are my most favorite!), a bundle of fall inspired note cards. I find myself writing more thank you notes and sending wee “thinking of you notes” in this season – might it be the cooler weather keeping me indoors more? No idea. But I’ll take it! A favorite mascara actually introduced to me through a giveaway last year! Accessories are a MUST in Fall. So a pair of turquoise earrings from World Market were a must add item. I love scarves and jewelry to spice up the dreary fall wardrobe. And of course a I’ll include a favorite Fall recipe! You can pick an entrée, baked goods, or appetizer recipe to be sent your way with the package. And….. there’s more!
The other exciting addition is THIS “Happy Fall” 8 x 10 print design by Kylie Danskin Designs.
She is truly a Fall favorite! 
Visit Kylie Danskin Designs on etsy.

Okay you want to know how to enter! Here’s the lowdown…


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  1. Alex, I love your ring pumpkin! So great to have decor that you dont need to take up space storing. Fun giveaway too..I am seriously impressed by how much you are acomplishing as a mother and mother-to-be…and moving, and caring for a family AND AND AND! You rock. The note writing has me inspired to drop a few in the mail as well. I love getting notes so why not send a few!? I would love some more dessert ideas!

  2. This is very cool! In answer to the question What recipe would you select to have sent to you? Entrée, baked goods, or appetizer?

    Anything!!! I'm good on all food stuff!!! 🙂 🙂

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