Believe in Your Beautiful

I love food, gathering people around the table, asking questions and stimulating conversation. I love challenging and open-minded discussions that grow me, make me ask why, who, and how. I find I am overwhelmed with a heart for women and helping them feel competent, strong, able, and empowered. I have a love of learning and reading that is both for me and motivated by my desire to share what I learn. It’s taken me years to focus my energies, know my passions, and narrow my scope. I was recently reading in a favorite devotional “Savor” by Shauna Niequist and I was struck by this thought.

What matters is that one of the ways we grow up is by declaring what we love. I’m tired of pretending…

I hear this so frequently from women in my community. They feel the pressure, the competition, the contest and they are tired. The good news is I have seen that as we grow up and dedicate ourselves to growth and embracing change we do know on a deeper level what we love and we learn to rest in that, to be content and enjoy more. I realize this is not always the case, but more often than not I am seeing this in my own life and in the women around me.

One thing I know I love, is me. I’m grateful for an upbringing and a community that has helped me develop that from an early age. I have also struggled with image issues, not knowing what is next or needing to discover myself. I too have moments of feeling competitive or like I’m just another in “the race.” However, I have just been gently encouraged, strongly pushed, and loved unconditionally. I’ve been able to cultivate my mind, and find myself more compassionate and open-minded than I knew I could be. This is due in large part to the women who raised me. I’ve shared about them in my “Story of Motherhood” when I’ve written about my mother, and my aunt on day fourteen of a biography series I did years ago.

When given the opportunity by Whitney of Whitney Coudray Photography to be a part of her new campaign “Believe in Your Beautiful” I knew this too could be apart of growing myself, appreciating who I am, and I couldn’t resist. When you have the opportunity to see yourself through someone else’s lens, whether that is through a camera lens or someone shares their own perspective on who you are through words, I guarantee you you can learn something. You can appreciate yourself a bit more and believe in your own beautiful with a bit, no a ton, of conviction.

I’ve been photographed by my sister for years and when I see myself in her artwork I stand amazed. She captures moments, emotions, and bits of who I am that I might never have seen. Then when Whitney captured our family last November it happened all over again. Another woman whom I respect and admire froze me (and my family that time around) in time. She took one of the most “me” photos I can remember having taken.

And again I find myself staring at these gorgeous images taken by Whitney and I see new things. I don’t see what others see. I know the words you choose to describe these photos are not my go to ones, they might not even be on my radar, but images like these help me understand that and myself better.

Whitney Coudray and Beth Marmino created this new campaign Believe in Your Beautiful” and I agreed to share it from the rooftops. I am so excited to tell you about this incredible opportunity and also to present their mission to you. Their mission, if actualized, could truly change the way we see ourselves, treat each other, and engage in community.

[May] women know, see, and feel their worth.

[May] a generation boldly declare their strengths and shamelessly display their beauty.

“After sharing similar experiences where groups of women were unable to vocalize their favorite features, Beth (of Liv and Ro Styling Co) and Whitney teamed up to create a photo shoot experience that would challenge women to see their worth. An experience that, afterwards, would allow women to confidently walk in their beauty.”

Ladies take the time to do something like this. Join Whitney and Beth and have them style you and take your picture. You will be amazed. You will see yourself in a new light, you will have photographs to utilize; but more importantly you will see yourself through their perspective, interpretation, and be left walking a bit more confidently knowing you are beautiful.

Beyond that if you want to have a conversation about your photos, if you want to unearth more of the beauty that is inside you, let me know. I am your girl. I would love to walk you through some dreaming, chat with you about what I see in your photographs and hear your heart. We can explore and learn together. You can sign up for the next photo session on February 24 here and let Whitney know I sent you, she’ll offer you a coaching session with me too! The coaching session will include a fun assignment and an hour-long coffee date just us, I’d love to be a part of this with you.

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