Fall Bucket List

You were all thinking I was a crazy Christmas lady with that last post. But  today is the official first day of fall, and I  promise to enjoy every minute of this beautiful season and share in that enjoyment with you.  When fall hits I say, “this is my favorite season.”  At the end of fall, when we are anticipating the holidays I say, “this is my favorite season.” Overtime what I realized is that I just love the change. Opportunites to celebrate, the reason to be festive, a chance to reevaluate, and to plan…  So here is a fall bucket list that I plan to explore with my family this season. I’ll let you know how it goes! What are your favorite fall activities? What did I miss? I didn’t include decorating for fall as I’ve already pretty much completed that.

  1. Visit Scandia Patch to see the pigs and shop their gorgeous produce.
  2. Make pumpkin bread!
  3. Jump in puddles.
  4. Cut dahlias from our neighbors farm.
  5. Drink mulled wine.
  6. Apple and Pear picking.
  7. Craft using a pumpkin.
  8. Take an evening walk.
  9. Make fall sugar cookies.
  10. Jump in the leaves.
  11. Eat soup whenever we can. Especially this one. And this one. Oh and this one!
  12. Go to a local football game.
  13. Make apple prints.
  14. Visit a Pumpkin Patch.
  15. Make our way through a corn maze.
  16. Go to our local farmers’ markets and cook something using our purchases.
  17. Roast s’mores in the fire pit.
  18. Create leaf rubbings.
  19. Drink apple cider, and pumpkin ale.
  20. Donate to a food bank.
  21. Fly kites at the beach.
  22. Read as many fall themed children’s books as we can. Stay tuned for a great book list!

Soon… I’ll have the birth story for our sweet Copeland complete and I can’t wait to share that with you.

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