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The new kit for Gratitude Documented 2018 is here and it’s called “Grace and Gratitude. You can shop the affiliate links throughout this post to get your’s, hurry over here before they sell out! You’ll find a variety of ways to explore this month of gratefulness (and beyond with the 100 days of Grace and Gratitude</em rel=”nofollow”> book) with kits, the book, or a combination of both!

I love fall and the Gratitude Documented tradition with Illustrated Faith only made me fall more in love with the season when I joined in last year. I couldn’t miss it this year. I’ll be working through the book, 100 days of Grace and Gratitude</em rel=”nofollow”>, for all of November, December and January with the coordinating kits so stay tuned for all the fun right here on Inspiration Clothesline and over at PNWBibleJournaling on Instagram. This year Illustrated Faith and Dayspring are listening to us! They are trying new things and giving us options and I love it.

The prompts for this year’s Gratitude Documented are in the book, in the form of a devotional. And also in the kit. Drum roll…. as cards on a ring! I’m in love. You could take these on the go and never miss a chance to meditate on your gratefulness this season. The prompts mirror the ones in the book and are just one word with a scripture reference on the back. I anticipated all the questions you might have so here they are.

The prompts are the same (title of the devotional entry narrowed down to a word or short phrase) and the Scripture references also correspond. Most are the Scriptures on the cards you’ll find in the top right of each page of the book, or the top Scripture on the left side. Only a few of the cards are one of the Scriptures found lower on the page. I love that the book will take the thoughts a bit deeper; but I also love that if you only use the kit cards you will be doing the same concepts, but have the freedom to explore where the prompt takes you. You do not need to have both formats, but they absolutely do compliment each other.

The stamps are seasonal, but also versatile which I completely appreciate and I cannot wait to use them. Do you have a favorite ink pad or medium you use on acrylic stamps to create color? I’ll be looking for ideas in this area. I can’t wait to do two-toned acorns, falling leaves and oh that little bunny!

Making time daily for this is hard. But if you do it will pay off! I suggest gathering supplies in one spot – you don’t need all the supplies at your disposal. Keeping it simple can help release you to really focus on the content and actually carve out the time to do this. Plus giving yourself permission to not make every day totally creative or a work of art can lessen the pressure. Commit to reading the devotional or meditating on the prompt and coordinating Scripture and then see the creative expression part as a bonus that will help you focus you and to remember what you are learning. The Bible journaling pages and journal entries can become an altar of remembrance for you in this season, but shouldn’t take over and become the priority. We worship the Lord and not the created, I’m working to keep that in the forefront of my mind during this season and challenge.


I have never been more excited to play in a pile of leaves. Aren’t they just darling?! I also love that with the free digital download you receive when you purchase the kit includes the leaves so you can print and re-print them in all kinds of ways.

I plan to create stickers on label paper. This time since I’ll be getting to create in new Illustrating Bible I’m printing them on white label paper, but I also love them on clear sticker paper so you can see the words through them.

I have not used stencils before so again I am excited that Illustrated Faith and DaySpring are listening to us and providing new mediums to try. I’ll be experimenting with it as well so stay tuned. I loved that there was a wee sticker included, and a bit of last year’s washi (an acorn design) to seal the package. It’s the little things isn’t it? I headed over to the Illustrated Faith print and pray shop to print off some of my favorite fall designs that coordinate and I cannot wait to dive it.

And oh this washi tape! I could not be more in love with the design or color scheme this month. I love that they stayed true to fall colors and I see so much potential for creative ways to use this tape. My favorite thing about Gratitude Documented is when you get to the end and flip through your Bible, you can so easily pick out all the entries because they are coordinated. Washi tape really helps keep the theme going! Additionally the black and white stickers on clear paper, of all the key prompt words, included in the kit really keeps the overall look consistent. Also it is so fun that ince words are so versatile I can envision myself reprinting the words to use in the future!

Just in the spirit of gratefulness I’ll close with a list of things I am thankful for right now in my life.
1. our tribe that has a sense of humor, puts in the work to be involved in each others’ lives, and provide a community for my children.
2. the incredible colors that surround me. (see the trees in the cover photo of my most recent book review to see a sampling).
3. the fog that is rolling in daily over our property and has reminded me of how God’s presence permeates our lives.
4. a new cookbook that is inspiring.
5. my family who despite challenges clings to each other and loves unconditionally.

Grab your kit now before it sells out and be sure to shoot me a message if you have ideas for stamping or how to use that darling acorn stencil. I want to try your ideas. Follow along this month as I share my entries over on Instagram. Or if you’d like to join our local meetup group you can connect with us on Facebook. We meet the second and fourth Thursdays of the month on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington state. Bible journaling is so much fun and inspiring but doing it in community is so much better!


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