Stronger Together : Review of the June Devotional kit by DaySpring

A beautiful truth is proclaimed in the June devotional kit by Illustrated Faith and DaySpring! Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, no matter your denomination, despite your family make up, and simply because we are apart of the family of God, it is true we are stronger together. The June devotional kit by Illustrated faith and Dayspring explores this concept and will challenge you to take your community, your tribe, your village and not only appreciate it but go deeper together.

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Stronger Together

This month’s kit comes in two ways. You can snag it as it is pictured above or can pay at a slightly higher price point ($10 more) to get the additional bonus stamp set. You’ll read more about it in the review but I highly recommend the additional stamp set as it is a fabulous quality (they moved back to a manufacturer here in the US) and it is incredibly versatile. Possibilities are endless! Snag it here at either price point. Use coupon code IFSHIPSFREE for free shipping!


    • 1 4×6 bonus stamp (only available in the kit, and in limited qualities)
    • 1 thank you card from Shanna
    • 1 roll washi tape
    • 1 clear stamp collection
    • 3 diamond-shaped tip-ins
    • 8 paper prompts
    • 25 paper pieces
    • 2 sheets translucent stickers
    • 4 journaling cards
    • 4 devotional cards
    • 1 plastic holder


The June Illustrated Faith ‘Stronger Together’ devotional kit, which encourages us to honor others, connect with friends, gather with family, and combine our prayers with others, is also now available with a 4×6 bonus stamp!  This bonus stamp was specifically created by Shanna and coordinates beautifully with other supplies within the June Illustrated Faith kit.

This extra bonus stamp kit has never-ending potential, I hope you’ll peak back over here to see how I use it and share the ways you experiment with these house combos! But don’t forget, the art marks and shapes can be used separately and not just to make little houses. And just a reminder there are limited quantities and at this time it can only be purchased in conjunction with the kit.

I will be honest and say that at first glance all I could think was that this kit screams “fall.” Just simply the color scheme of the little houses and cities made me think of falling leaves. That left me feel like the timing wasn’t perfect, however as I worked through the kit the bright pops of teal and frequent additions of other colors coupled with the potential of the extra stamp set I no longer feel this way.

Not only has the content been perfectly timed, but I have found that the color scheme is super fun and has been really inspiring.

The four devotional cards have phenomenal questions that really got me thinking about connection, gathering, My Tribe, community, and the traits that describe these deeply rooted relationships.

The Scriptures provided on the journaling cards have been a wonderful place to start, and I have found many other Scriptures to go with the ideas that this kit has inspired, simply by Googling them! This is the first time that I have scanned some elements of the kit into my computer so that I could create more stickers or reprint certain parts. I just felt like the topic itself had so much potential that I wanted to be able to continue exploring it.

I love these diamond-shaped tip-ins, but also this time chose to cut them down slightly or reduce their size in a copier. This gave them a lot of Versatility and meant that they did not have to be used just as tip-ins.

Again at first glance this very unassuming stamp set did not catch my eye. But now having worked with it, I’m in love! A little two-toned house, the base and top of a tree, super versatile words, and the font just really makes for an awesome reusable resource!

Clear stickers that can be used as is or mounted on white paper are still an area where I am exploring and learning how I can best use them. I would love to hear your ideas and ways you use these cear stickers!

Paper pieces are my jam!  I love these fun words that can really help you process content, highlight key ideas, and add a lot to the page. With the fun stamp set and darling house theme peppering my layouts, adding just a word or two to the page really makes the entries pop! Eight of them have Scripture references on the back as well!

I love the variety in the fonts and these little tiny pieces add some fun layering elements. I’m working on mixed media and adding more layers so these do just the trick!

Diving into this content and I just can’t get enough! Check out some entries and process videos below.

I am really working to explore mixed media so creating some fun lift flaps, cutting the content cards apart to create wordfetti, scoring the cardstock before adhering part to my page – which creates a nice lift, and layering the pieces really made this page different than ones I have created in the past! I have since filled with journaling, and the answers to all the questions on the back of the “connect” card.


One really fun thing was that so far each of my pages have been made in community with others. We gathered around a table creating in our Bibles together! Take a look at this table filled with little boys who wanted in on this special time!

Intergenerational Bible Journaling, that lead to lots of questions and beautiful discussion! We are on a mission this summer to get our kids in God’s Word and diving deeper ourselves. It was amazing how involving them in what we were doing allowed all of us to spend more time in the Bible!

Here is the entry I created using Neocolor ii pastel crayons as watercolors and a watercolor pen.
I also used only the stamps included in the kit (at the lesser price point) and some ink pads.

Remember how I mentioned scanning and reprinting parts of this kit for even more entries. I’ve never done this before so I’m excited at the possibilities. And I also figure since the color scheme reminded me of fall I might be inclined to reprint them when the leaves are changing to use in some entries then!


Avery clear sticker paper
EX Success Cutter Bee Precision Cut Scissors
Black Micron Pens
DaySpring kit

This is entry where I chose to scan one of the contact cards, enlarging it and printing it on clear sticker paper. I cut each house apart so I could format them around Acts 2:42-47 making it pop off the page but you could also just leave the enlarged print as is and put all or part on your page for less fussy cutting.

Finally if you’d like to see me unbox the kit, and get some of my very initial thoughts before working through the kit you can see that here.

I can’t wait to see what you do with this kit! Be sure to join in following along with me at PNWBiblejournaling on Instagram to see more! Or you can join our local meetup group on Facebook here, and signup to receive our emails here.

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