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I just created a nifty blog button that you can put on your blog or website to link back to mine. It was quite the endeavor for me since I am fairly new at this and not very “techy”. I am proud to say I did it and my next challenge will be a newly formated header!

I did get stumped on this one… so here is what I unearthed. Hopefully it will save you some time, especially if you blog with Blogger. Thanks to all the blogs that helped me figure it out.

So… I used Picnik, thanks to Blogging with Amy, for the first time and have fallen in love! You can even watermark your own photos!

For those out there using Blogspot who does not have a file manager… these are the steps to take…

Create the image you want to use as your Blog Button. Upload it to a free photo hosting site like Photobucket. Copy the html coding listed below it.
Now head back to your blog. Under Design you want to add a “gaget.” Select the html code gaget from the list and use the coding below. Copy and paste it into the edit section. Be sure to carefully replace all four locations “YourButtonURL”, “YourBlogName”, “YourBlogURL” and “YourButtonURL” (yes again).

The Button URL is one copied after uploading your image (that you created on Picnik) to a free photo hosting site (like photobucket). Insert that html into the two locations that say “Your Button URL”. (copy it in between the quotation marks.)

The first time you insert “YourbuttonURL” this inserts the image for your own blog and the second time you put it in  it becomes the coding that is necessary for others to have the image for their site.

Insert “Your Blog Name” between the quotation marks and “Your Blog URL” between those quotes. Then copy and paste the whole bundle of coding into that gaget you selected to add via Blogger.

Okay so technical difficulties now.
If I insert the HTML code it will just appear as a button and a text box.
If you’d like the code shoot me an email!

If you’d like to add my blog button to your blog here is the code. All you have to do is add a new html widget and use my coding. Then you can share my blog with your readers too! Let me know if you do… I’d love to share in return!


<a href=”
target=”_self”><img src=”
alt=”InspirationClothesline” width=”125″
height=”125″ /></a>

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