Miss Northwest 2009

Tonie was chosen Miss Northwest 2009 as a part of the Sweeper pageant this year. Because she was Miss Pierce County’s first runner up she was eligible for this pageant just a short while later.

We were so proud when they announced her as the new Miss Northwest 2009. She’ll be competing for the title of Miss Washington this July and will be a great representative for our state! Here she is with Cole one of the Children’s Miracle Network champions that was a special guest at her dance-a-thon! He was so excited!

After the pageant we celebrated Tonie’s big win and Momma’s birthday. Tonie recieved a letter form an old high school teacher (written by herself 5 years earlier and she shared it with the family.) It was cool to hear that many of her goals were being actualized.This will also be a birthday that goes down in infamy for Momma. Tonie and Alex really couldn’t afford to do much for Momma this year so they got her lotto tickets. She scratched them right there at the table. They were BIG winners – $10,000! Micheale and Wendy started to make plans to head to Ireland when Tonie and Alex couldn’t take it anymore. They were fake and they had to break the news, and quickly before she scratched the other BIG winner of $20,000. They made the announcement … You should have seen their faces when she won, and then when they were told they were fake. I think we are finally off the hook but she’ll never let us forget we almost gave her a heart attack.WHAT A DAY!

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