A review of "Miracle in a Dry Season"

The summer of reading continues as I read “Miracle in A Dry Season” by Sarah Loudin Thomas.

This week I’ve been at a beautiful summer camp enjoying the scenery while I read.
The story takes place in Wise, West Virginia in the mid-1950s and is not only a quaint love story, but also a great lesson in forgiveness. While being an easy read it also was a personally challenging story. I found that as the characters examine their own motives, hearts and their need to forgive – I too questioned myself. Thomas writes with ease, develops likable characters and interesting interpersonal relationships. While I would not label this an exciting story line there were many interesting additions to a typical love story that included handling adultery and the social/cultural responses to this sin, spiritual warfare, and church leadership who may have gone astray.
They were interesting elements to the story including a summer of drought in West Virginia that greatly affects the community, spiritual gifts that are unexpected and maybe not well received by others, and even touches on hidden and generational sins. What I appreciated about how Thomas wrote was that when she hinted at the issues mentioned above she also found a way to tie them all back to a common theme and lessons learned in the lives of her characters.

Examining current themes in a not as is current time period – I found myself captivated while also challenged and delighted in picking up this book.
I received this book free of charge from Bethany House Publishers as part of their blogging for books reviewing program.
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