Learning to live….

I feel like I am really learning to live.
To live with less,
To live more fully,
To live more intentionally,
And to live with less so that my family has more.

I am reading the book “living with less so your family has more” by Jill and Mark Savage.

It is truly revolutionizing how I think. It all began when I first started my Creating White Space series in November. The blogger who inspired that series suggested the Savage’s book as an important one to read. I found that I am doing exactly what the byline says, “redefining your priorities to put your family first.”
I just completed chapter 6 which talks about how sometimes less really is more. I highly suggest you read the book for yourself, but in this chapter there are 10 principles that were adapted (from another author – last name Foster) for this book.
I thought I might share them with you and hopefully you’ll be inspired to pick up the book yourself! 
Chapter 6 suggests that you won’t find outward simplicity until you find inward simplicity. And I definitely agree that inward simplicity is the foundation of it all. There many chapters and ideas that are explored about developing inward simplicity including relying on God for his provision, realizing that he is in control of all, and is with us all the time. But this chapter goes on to explore these controlling principles for the outward expression of simplicity.
Here are those 10 principles:
1. Buy things for their usefulness rather than for their status.
2. Reject anything that is addictive to you.
3. Get in the habit of giving things away.
4.  Refuse to believe that you need the newest and the best.
5. Enjoy things without owning them.
6. Develop a deeper appreciation for creation.
7. Become skeptical of “buy now, pay later” schemes.
8. Obey Jesus’ is instructions about plain, honest speech.
9. Reject anything that oppresses others.
10. Turn away from anything that distracts you from seeking the kingdom of God first.
I really can’t tell you how valuable this book has been for me – ideas like “downsizing is really upsizing,”less really is more,” “loss is gain,” and “availability is a flexible benefit they can provide for the family in rich and meaningful ways.”
I also love this quote, “by removing some of the things we have to think about, we are more likely to be in tune with the family members we love. This benefits speaks love and value to those who mean the most to us.”
As you can see the book is really exploring simplicity both of the mind and of your physical environment.
It is not just about getting rid of stuff, or downsizing your home, or buying less. It is really about simplifying your overall life and mind so that you can serve the Lord and his people more fully.
Look forward to sharing more ideas with you as read and learn more about these valuable principles.
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