Friday Favorites: the beginning

I’m super excited to be joining a local Kitsap  Blog Circle that will bring you some fun weekly posts. This just means that there’s a collection of ladies who will be sharing favorites with you on a regular basis…  What I love about this is that each lady has different interests and strengths so you are going to get a huge variety! This week is our first round and I thought I would bring you something from each category that I tend to explore here on Inspiration Clothesline,  that way if you’re a new reader will get a better idea about who I am.

For the most part I like to explore books, food, faith, and motherhood…  I guess because these are the things that I find consuming a lot of my time. You’ll hear me talk about other things like community,  inviting people around the table, getting in the garden and outside with my kids, and our home and family life; but for the most part those for topics are where I focus most my time.

I’ll start off with a new favorite kids book and I’m happy to also be highlighting a local business with this recommendation.  I hit up our local “Girls Night Out” and I only made one purchase that evening,  you guessed it… A book! I’m excited to share some affiliate links with you so you too can shop local. I picked up the brand new “Dragons Love Tacos 2” and I snagged it at Liberty Bay Books.  I grabbed it because I’ve heard such great things about this author-illustrator duo. Plus a friend of mine who’s got four munchkins of her own said that the original “Dragons Love Tacos” is one of her kids absolute favorites.  (Did I mention that they often have signed copies on hand!) Let me tell you, Liberty Bay Books is the place to shop in store if you want to put your hands on the awesome books, but you can also shop online with them and they will order you anything  that might tickle your fancy! I hope you’ll check out this incredible kid story… that is also so much fun for the grownups.  Corban got the first reading when he woke up a few hours after bedtime and Papa wanted some extra snuggle time.

You guys he totally loved it… And so did we!
I just love children’s books that also get the parents engaged and laughing.

Now on to a favorite in the kitchen. Here’s a favorite little “kitchen hack” that I don’t think I could live without. It literally is used at almost every meal and makes cook time go so much quicker. It’s the Pampered Chef garlic press and you can get it through my friend Arin here

You don’t even have to peel your cloves of garlic before you toss it in, and it’s easy to clean. Plus it’s held up for so long!

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you probably have heard me mention my faith and that I use Bible Journaling to explore God’s Word. This just means I paint, color, and get messy in my Bible. I have had lots of questions about this so I thought I’d share a quick list of my favorite supplies. (you can shop them using my affiliate links too!)

A basic tube of acrylic paint in a favorite color, ( I don’t buy anything fancy) as StazOn ink pad, a set of Staedtler Percision pens, rubber stamps…  especially since I don’t have fancy handwriting. This stamp by Heidi Swapp is my favorite that just says “love this” (on sale!) and some washi tape. I love the slim washi in my bible because it can fit so many places, check out this great variety pack. I can do an entire entry with just a few supplies like this. You can also get very specific bible journaling supplies with Day Spring that I am just in love with!

I will end with a little tip for fellow moms out there. If you’ve been a mother for any length of time you’ve been in the pickle where you went to change your kid’s diaper and there was no supplies nearby. Well… since (almost) the day I became a mom I copied a dear friend and have had a basket of supplies in multiple rooms and levels of my home. Basically they just become stations where I can change diapers and I know I have everything I need on hand. The only trick is to be sure to keep them stocked! So here in our family room I keep a  basket that just has some basic diaper changing supplies. (PS this makes a great new mom/baby shower gift putting together a travel or diaper changing station basket.) I also love this location because it is kind of a halfway point. It’s on our main level and halfway between our main living areas. I was strategic!

I just keep some diapers, wipes, desitin, and sometimes bibs or a change of clothes in the baby’s size handy and I’m sure to restock regularly.


One other tip is that when that package of wipes gets about half way empty I transfer it to my diaper bag (so I don’t have to carry the big full pack) and replenish with a new pack in this basket. Saves my back!

Looking forward to joining a circle of ladies as we explore some fun posts in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more joining next week, but in the meantime. I’m excited for you to head over to Whitney Coudray Photography to take a look at a couple of her favorites. She has been my friend for years and is the wonderful lady who took out family photos around the fire pit, that unbeknownst to us would be come our birth announcement for Baby Four!

Hope you are inspired on this wonderful Friday morning!


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