Memory Lane ~ Sister Spa Day

I took my sister Tonie and Ben’s sister Emily for a Spa day just a few days before we got married. We got the full work up and boy we were relaxed. This was hugely important since it was the last week of teaching (my first year of teaching at Christ the King Academy). We had to choose between this weekend or much later in the summer and rather then wait we wanted to have the summer months together married, while I didn’t have to teach.

So… the last week of school was very busy for me. Therefore Jamin did A LOT of the excuting of wedding details. We did each have a special low key day like this.

I was so blessed to spend the afternoon with these ladies!

Then we spent the afternoon prepping for the wedding!
My Autnie Tonie was Coordinator extrordinaire being in charge of executing my vision. My other Aunties did the flowers, and Ben did all kinds of last minute work. All while I hung out with my First Grade Friends. 🙂

Such a good man! And a great team. 
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