Memory Lane ~ The Rehearsal!

After Ben had his Spa Day (…story there… but I will save it for a different post) and I completed Field Day at school we headed off to rehearsal! Then rehearsal dinner hosted by my in-laws.

It was a small wedding and so intimate and special.
We have no regrets and had SO much fun!

My girls!
Molly was my Junior Bridesmaid and carried our rings.
She was also my pageant little sister when I was Miss Poulsbo. Now… she is ALL GROWN up!

Tonie executed all the ceremony details. Thank God for her! 
Part of the Jacobson Crew! I think the 2 younger brothers were skateboarding down the aisle. 🙂
My Mom and maternal grandmother, “Honey.”
The walk!
Ben had specified that he wanted no veil over my face during the real deal so we had to play that up during rehearsal. The red veil over the face was very impactful. 😉

 Here we are our rehearsal dinner watching the slideshow our dear friends
E&J put together for us. So much fun.

 Ben’s Grandma Nanny gave us this Piggy Bank full of loose change that she had been saving for us.
We saved it for a “rainy day” fund.
Ben’s maternal Grandmother – Grandma Munson – made this beautiful quilt for us.
It was a great day and an even better day was just around the corner.
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