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It’s not often that I utilize a digital book. I just prefer to have the book in my hands. That being said, after reading Phoebe’s Light the first in the Nantucket Legacy and so thoroughly enjoying it I just couldn’t say no when the format offered to me was digital. Read my review of Phoebe’s Light here. Boy am I so glad I didn’t pass this one up. I’ll be honest, I enjoyed Phoebe’s Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher enough to finish the book and even to want to continue with the series but I felt it had a slow start. That being said I am so glad I enjoyed the book as a whole because Minding the Light is even better.

The first thing I love is that I was immediately drawn into the story. No slow start here. And amazingly I felt invested in the story from page one. I guess that is the joy of a series and why they are some of my favorites. I also feel like since I got a sense for the Quaker community and whaling culture in the last book the learning curve was less steep. Additionally I adore the double storyline taking place in two time periods.

I also highly recommend the series on audiobook!

I also love that while the main story line is taking place in the 19th century years after Phoebe’s life, the main character of book one, the secondary story line of Mary Coffin Starbuck told through the pages of her journal (set in 1662) has just picked right up where we left off. What a cool and interesting way to do it! But I really shouldn’t expect less from Fisher as she is also willing to tackle so many challenging topics like racism, bigotry, the serious problems even Quakers faced with addiction (addiction does not discriminate), and even the hypocrisy within faith communities. I think it gives us a great opportunity to look at ourselves, and the history of our faith. She explores community, church, and also self-responsibilty. Not only was the book entertaining but it was also edifying!

I’ve been pondering that questions all day, and I think I have an answer for him. While it is true that we can worship the Almighty with or without church or clergy, I wonder if a church is meant for even more than worship. At its best, it acts as the hub of a community, lifting standards of behavior, providing a means of help and support. The problem of Nantucketers, I suppose, is that we have not seen many examples of a church at its best, and therefore, we reject it all.

I found myself fully invested in multiple characters, not wanting to put the book down. Ultimately I am very thankful that on these gorgeous summer days we are having I always have my phone with me since it’s in digital format and who leaves their phone at home… ever! Not me. I encourage you to grab the book in a format that is fitting for the summer season, and be sure to grab Phoebe’s Light while you are at it. That is to say if you haven’t already, because this is one great series that leaves me wanting more.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book, all these opinions are my own; and I was not required to give a favorable review.



Minding the Light
by Suzanne Wood Fisher

Nantucket Legacy #2
Copies Available: 75

In 19th Century Nantucket, a Quaker woman must choose between the man everyone expects her to marry–or his seafaring cousin.

Amazon Book Description:
Six long years ago, Captain Reynolds Macy sailed away from his bride, looking forward to the day when he would return to Nantucket Island with a ship’s hold full of whale oil. But when that momentous day finally arrives, Ren soon discovers that everything has changed in his absence. Everything. “Is nothing on this island as it appears to be?” he whispers in despair.

Unlike most islanders, bold and spirited Daphne Coffin doesn’t defer to Ren as an authoritative whalemaster, but sees through his aloofness to the aching heart beneath. She encourages him to return to his Quaker roots and “mind the Light,” finding solace in God and community. As Ren becomes the man she believes him to be–honorable, wise, faithful–she finds herself falling in love with him.

But how can she, when her heart is spoken for? Tristram Macy is Ren’s business partner, cousin, and best friend–and Daphne’s fiancĂ©. Love always comes at a cost, but when is the price too high?
Suzanne Woods Fisher welcomes readers back to the Quaker community on Nantucket Island for this riveting love story, full of unexpected moments.

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