Revival Camp – July Illustrated Faith Kit Unboxing and Review

Revival Camp is here and I could not be more excited! I have never participated before and so I will be adventuring with all you first timers. When the kit arrived I was delighted to see it packed full of all my favorite things. You can watch my first impressions in the unboxing below but I will tell you Illustrated Faith and DaySpring outdid themselves this time. The kit is versatile, comprehensive, inspiring and edifying! The fun “trailmix” goodie from Shanna herself, the new devotional format that fits perfectly in a Traveler’s Notebook and is simple, those darling patches, the coordinating alphas… Oh I could go on… and I will. But first here is an affiliate link to grab your own kit!

Also know that you will receive a free digital download (you can see it in my Explore Process video below) that includes the devotional content (so you can print and use as wordfetti or even cut out headers, images or phrases) it also includes a digital version of the die cuts, some fun prints you can use to make tabs, and the badges! Yay for more ways to use the designs. I printed on cardstock, clear sticker paper, and white sticker paper so I have so many options!

The stats:
Here is what you’ll find in the kit and a wee note from Illustrated Faith Shanna Noel herself.

“Have fun unpacking this July Illustrated Faith ‘Revival Camp’ devotional kit that features four encouraging devotionals on exploring, prayer, fellowship, and heart.  “Enjoy exploring in the Word and have fun with this Revival Camp kit!”  —Shanna Noel

Devotional message:
Revival Camp

Devotional titles:

  • 1 camp sticker
  • 4 2″x2″ patches with cloth bag
  • 1 washi tape
  • 1 4″x6″ sheet of clear stamps
  • Alphabet stickers
  • 1 sheet diecut pieces
  • 4 paper devotionals
  • 1 surprise ‘Trail Mix’ from Shanna
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • Packaged in a box with pink tissue
Proceeds from the affiliate links throughout this post directly benefit supplies for local meetups of PNW Bible Journaling, thanks so much for your support.

I will say I was a bit skeptical of this new paper pieces format, as die cuts, but after using them and getting some inspiration when I did my second “Explore” entry, I am excited to see where the pieces and the “stencil” left in their wake takes me. If I have learned one thing from this community it is to not throw away even the “trash” and this kit had a few goodies that could have been viewed as trash that I set aside for use with the kit.

Trash to

  • the cardboard backing for the devotionals and alpha stickers will make great covers for a mini book or devotional
  • the revival camp sticker that holds the pink tissue together could totally be reused
  • I am using the large revival camp sticker that came in the kit to add to my travelers notebook that will house the devotionals, so I’m using the small sticker on the outside of the box that says “revival camp” in the back of my bible to mark that I did this kit in this particular Bible.
  • the outer paper that I punched the paper pieces out of will become a stencil!

I love the devotional content this month, the contributors are amazing and hearing the hearts of these four ladies is really challenging me and encouraging my spirit. I love that DaySpring listens to us and responds. These Traveler’s Notebook sized devos that are packed with content, include a Scripture, promts, and are diverse – the really hit the spot! And this might be the part I am looking forward to the most is seeing two more kits like this one! You read that right. There will be a series of three, July being the first, so stay tuned for all the details on Revival Camps two and three coming soon.

























This wee bit of trail mix from Shanna herself is such a fun addition to the kit and whether you are doing a mini book or creating in the pages of your Bible using mixed media elements brings so much flare to entries. I love layering so I cannot wait to find a way to use the top of the bag (I just cut the sewed portion off), the bag itself, and to find ways to incorporate the ribbon, sticker and buttons through this month’s entries. Don’t forget to use @if_trailmixchallenge to see what everyone is doing. I am thinking my final entry will use the bag to hold prayer requests or my reflections from each devotional.

You can see I just snagged a blank Traveler’s otebook by DaySpring and Illustrated Faith to use since I did not get one with my kit. The sticker is perfect and in fact I think I could fit a sticker from each of the three kits running down the notebook vertically if I wanted to put them all in this one notebook. How are you using your Revival Camp sticker? I’d love to hear your ideas. Will you do all your entries in a travelers notebook or in your Bible? Or something even different than that. DO share with our community over at PNW Bible Journaling on Facebook.

Here is where I put the labels from the box to mark in my Bible which kits I have used inside the covers of this particular Bible. I told you, don’t throw it away. Trash to treasure!

Check out my process video and vote on which way you like my entry better, with our without the little “Draw me Closer” arrow. Let me know in the comments below! I’m a layering gal and love the added color, but I also loved that the “Steadfast” word really popped without it. I’d love your thoughts on how I use the pieces of the kit, the other print and pray shop items I have printed to use with this kit and to hear more about what you are doing with this kit.

You can snag the “100 days Alphas” ($8) “faith planner stickers” ($0!!) hexagons, the colorful “adventure” mountains ($3), or snag the 2016 Revival Camp content ($0!!) in the Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop along with so many other beautiful creations designed to go perfectly with this kit.  Overall I’m impressed and cannot wait to dive in further.

This hyperlapse video was me just using what came in the kit, a set of kids watercolors with a watercolor paint pen, a date stamp, and black ink pad to create an entry. My challenge to myself was to use what was handy. This kit is so comprehensive you really don’t need much to do a complete and beautiful entry. Snag your kit today!

As you can see the Revival Camp kit is versatile, comprehensive, inspiring and edifying! I hope you will get yours now and you can try coupon code THANK YOU for 25% off as a part of the customer appreciation sale with DaySpring or code IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping! I’d encourage you to snag a few traveler’s notebooks, wordfetti or tabs to use to enhance your entries, and to utilize the awesome sale! I am having so much fun and can’t wait to have you join in on this campout!

Thank you to DaySpring for providing the kit to me so I can share and review it for all of you. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you also for using my affiliate links to do your shopping as I put my commission toward purchasing supplies for the local meetups of PNW Bible Journaling!


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