Our Trio of Boys – Seasonal Maternity Photos

Our Fall Family Maternity shoot was a complete success! I’m in love with the photos and we made a beautiful memory as a family.

First, I’ll give the credit where it is due. Tonie, my sister, is one talented photographer . Check her out here at Tonie Christine Photography. Despite being just 8 weeks post partum herself she helped make sure we had maternity photos for this third boy of ours. And right on schedule! I wanted seasonal photos, I like that each boy has been born in his own season and therefore the pregnancies have been marked with very different seasonal experiences and maternity shoots. Each one is so distinct. Plus getting your maternity photos done before you literally can’t move into different positions is KEY. 😉 So we shoot for around 32 weeks for me.

Here is Tonie, her amazing husband and partner Eric (he is a talented designer and photographer himself) and their darline Hastings Rae Lu. This was her first trip to the pumpkin patch and made for such a special family experience to do this together. We need to give a huge shout out to the grandparents behind the scenes who made this all possible. We love you Nona and DanDad!

Second, this was our first family outing (Duchemin side) to do something special with my niece Hastings Rae Lu. I have yet to write much about her but I will! You can count on it. It was a really special day and I’ll include a couple iPhone shots at the end just so you can see our whole crew.

Now on to the beautiful maternity photos that not only celebrate my pregnancy, this coming boy, our growing family, but also the individuals that comprise this family. We are blessed for sure and truly not a day doesn’t go by that Benjamin and I don’t recognize this fact. Just yesterday he said [about Cashel our 3 year old] “sometimes I still can’t believe he is mine.”

And be sure to check out my Tips for Getting Great Family Maternity Photos at the end of the post!

Here’s how they feel about being big brothers!
High Fives to a Trio of Boys!
There are no words for who this man is to me, and our boys. Father, friend, fearless leader!

And you can see where my boys get their good looks, sense of humor, and a whole lot of HEART.

Cashel always has a project and this time Ben had convinced him that “rather then take a pumpkin home with us, since we have one already, that making a ‘pile’ was a much better idea!”
This adorable little saunter has just appeared and I was so thrilled Tonie caught it.
Each of our boys has come home in a Jayhawk hat and this third boy will be no exception. We are still working on the name but THIS DAY, on this very special day of making memories with family, Benjamin may have done it. Stay tuned for more about “what’s in a name…”
1. Most people are really worried about the clothing. I didn’t sweat it this time. I used what we had. I dressed the boys first picking things they typically wear, were seasonal, and seemed to go well together in terms of color. I tried to vary jean with alternate fabrics and use pattern but not too many that might conflict. I layered the boys so that we could get their “brother shirts in some shots” but also get ones that didn’t just feature the words on the shirts. When selecting my outfit I wanted something I actually wear, something that really showed off the beautiful third boy in my belly, and also that compliment the other family members but looked good on it’s own too. (PS once I took off Camper’s flannel and vest I realized that Cashel literally wore the exact same outfit to our shoot in 2014!)
2. Location – I chose one that also made for a wonderful family memory this time and I’d do it again in heartbeat. Plus I like that they were seasonal and showcased this particular time in our lives and Our Baby’s pregnancy.
3. Feature the family, the individuals, and the belly/baby to come. If you are able to do this then you have photos to use for multiple uses and also ways to honor the family unit but also this special baby who is coming. Our Baby will have his own set of maternity photos but I also have wonderful shots of our family at this time and the individuals that make it up.
4. Pick a photographer who is your style. If you don’t… no matter what you won’t be pleased with the outcome. A million times over I can’t emphasize enough that this is key.
5. Time the photos before you as the Momma carrying the belly are just too big to move, or too big to reflect on the photos and feel beautiful. For me we shoot for around 32 weeks as I get big fast. You also don’t want to do them too soon as you want to look “glowing” and actually pregnant.
6. If you can bring backup. For this shoot and our 2014 shoot when we just had 1 sibling to chase we brought reinforcement. Our 2014 photos were taken in frigid weather and the grandparents took Cashel in to warm up when we did our couple and individual shots. What a huge help! Plus then during this shoot there were boys to chase, a baby to hold and lots of kiddo gear to carry around. Thanks to our wonderful parents for being the back up – both times! 
8. Use the photos! We will make a maternity book for Our Baby that includes special commentary about his name, the day and our memories about the time he was growing in my tummy. We will also use these on Christmas cards, in frames around our home, and in many family updates.
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