The Magic of Motherhood: book review


This book, The Magic of Motherhood, by Ashlee Gadd is so perfectly titled. Magic is so elusive and uncertain, just like Motherhood. It is enthralling, can be exhausting (especially when trying to figure it out), and wholly engaging – mind, body, and spirit. The essays in this book address each of these key components that make us up as women and mothers.  I love that it is a collection of essays from a variety of diverse women. This also mirrors motherhood, when done at its best, in community with other women. I have found that it takes a village to raise children and having a book written by a village of women providing a variety of perspectives and experiences is a breath of fresh air. This is a wonderful book, and would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift. It is such a gift to mom’s to so openly discuss “the good stuff, the hard stuff, and everything in between.”

While playing at the park today I was again struck with how much is provided to my children by the others in our lives. My boys are so different, in personality, in physical stature, and in ability. Those differences make me a wonderful Mom in many moments;  but also fall short in others. Those opportunities, where I fall short, are the perfect space for our village to step in and meet their needs, teach from their perspectives, or provide adventure that speaks to these little ones souls so uniquely. I love that this book was an eye opener and heart widener for THIS Momma.



33 separate essays in 230 pages that are printed in a beautifully bound book – with periodic images that are perfectly placed and quotes in lovely handwritten script just make for a beautiful treat whether for yourself or a gift for another mom in your life. I keep this book on an end table and periodically pick it up for a moment of encouragement, a few minutes of reprieve and mutual understanding. Whether it was the essay talking about the “seasons” of childhood, the linear nature of life and enjoying the moments or the reminder that asking for help enhances who we are grows us as women and moms there is a chapter for all moms out there. The writing is relatable and Ashlee Gadd of Coffee + Crumbs did a phenomenal job compiling this book and thankfully so many of the authors and women of faith I admire agree – many gave the book wonderful words of praise right inside the front cover. Snag this book for a Mom in your life (or yourself) and you won’t regret it and she will thank you.


On “asking for help” by Lesley Miller “a beautiful, nature, give and take happens when we humbly let down our guard and help each other.” She goes on to say that “as I began recognizing my own needs, a very special thing happened: I also started noticing others’ needs in a way I hadn’t before. The more I’ve said yes to help, the better I’ve become at offering it to others.”

I’ve seen this fact become so true in my own life and I’m so grateful for the ways the “magic of motherhood” has changed me. It has grown me in ways I never could have anticipated and will forever be grateful for. It gave me a community of moms, women so diverse, who help me grow and help me raise my on children as I do theirs. Motherhood gave me a clearer picture of God’s love for me, like nothing in my life ever has or could. It transformed my marriage, my decision making, my priorities and for the most part left nothing in tact – except that at my core I am still the same determined, independent, confident woman God created and my parents raised me to be.

N’tima Preusser says, “I once was too small to contain all of the love that filled me.” I love her exploration of our physical bodies as women. Ladies there really is a chapter here that will touch you right where you are. Whether it’s the chapter written directly for your heart right now, another chapter that causes you to call a friend and share the story you believe could impact her heart, or yet another that will resonate in your heart and mind for months or years and come back to your consciousness just when you need the nuggets. This book is a gem! Grab a copy for yourself or a Mom in your life who could use a kindred spirit, word of encouragement, or a wee blessing in this challenging thing we call Motherhood.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thanks so much for Booklook Bloggers!

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