Our Vow Renewal Story: The First Look…

On our wedding day I thought….
“It will be hard to ever top these moments…”

I had no idea that six and half years later I’d get the opportunity to feel like a bride again, see my groom smiling at me with surprise and awe in his eyes, and share moments like these with just him.

His face was priceless.
My heart raced and I enjoyed every moment of the anticipation.
And then… he surprised me with a floral headpiece.
This is one of those things I look back at my wedding day and might have reconsidered. Looking back I had thought that doing something outside the box or more alternative, in terms of my attire, would have been fun. Something like this floral headband. And here he was presenting one to me.
It was truly the perfect piece and made me feel so beautiful.

As I look through these photos there is a peaceful romance to them. I think it’s the thing our wedding photos were missing. Something that only comes with time, with really knowing each other, and with a shared life that gives us context.

The other thing I just kept thinking was,
“I am so blessed to be loved, and loved so well, by this man.”

Another surprise. He revealed our vows written in the most beautiful script, beautifully displayed.

Celena Taylor of Francis and Co. created these for us. My sister enlisted her help while Ben searched high and low for our vows. He was so sneaky and managed to get me to pull them out for him; under the guise of wanting to share them with some of our friends who were getting married soon, and were trying to find inspiration for their own vows. I never would have even guessed!

As we stood on the beach… he said…
“There’s more…”

read more about the surprise
and the why

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