Chalkboard Bunting – tutorial

I am not sure if I have ever been more excited to create and then enjoy a craft I have “pinned” more then I have with this one!
I saw this “pin” and just knew I had to try. I am NO seamstress. The cute buntings I have used at my parties have been created and sewn by a dear friend’s sister and I’ve been so lucky. However, I have decided it might be time for me to learn to do some remedial sewing. For this project I still had lots of help from my Mom. However, it makes me more determined then ever to learn to sew.
There is an incredible tutorial on Delia Creates that can be found here. I need to be completely honest. When I first saw the pin I thought it was a “no sew” project and that is what appealed, and after reading the tutorial I even pondered the idea of not following it and doing my own “no sew” version. Am I glad that I followed it or am I not? I am glad!! 
Here is the image she had for her chalkboard bunting.
You absolutely have to check out the other creative greetings and decor she used on her blog.
Having felt on the back of each bunting and the sewn edges gives it just a touch of polish, that a “no sew” project often does not have. Plus about half of my banners are little pockets (check out the tutorial to see more info on that.) This allows me to pop little seasonal goodies like blossoms in Spring or dried, colored leaves in Fall into the pocket to further diversify. Or… I could even add a paper snowflake peaking out. The options are endless! And THAT is EXACTLY what I love about this chalk board bunting. As Delia pointed out – it is definitely a “get the most bang for your buck” kind of project and I am all about that.
She suggests 5 banners on the top strand and 9 on the bottom. I would do no less then that, especially since most phrases or words for holidays will fit on 14 or fewer pendants. I added a few more just because I had the vinyl to do it. I also had enough chalkboard vinyl (that I just picked up at my local fabric store) to create a small table runner. I’m planning to put in the center of my table with holiday greetings. I’ll share that at a later date too!


Here is how mine turned out. 
For now it is a Fall time greeting and in two weeks I will have a new message on it for our gender reveal party! I’m so excited. You can see the invites for that on the blog this week!

Hoping this inspires you to create. 
And to create versatile and reusable decor!
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