Saturday Brunch

We have slowed our Saturdays way down.  Usually there is something on the house fix-it list, but we primarily rest and play. It’s been a refreshing change.  Today first up was  smoothies for breakfast and a family movie while I made brunch.  The boys love snuggling on the couch with their Papa and I so enjoy hearing their laughter and singing while I cook.

I’ve been experimenting with sweet potatoes and let me tell you not all sweet potato recipes have hit the spot. So… I headed back to my recent “go-to cookbook” simply because I haven’t had a “miss” yet. Happily Homemade by Rachel Schultz is one I recently reviewed (you can read that here) and seriously I have tried quite a few recipes now and all have been delicious. She has a fabulous website you can check out. Although this recipe is not there…

Maple Sweet Potato Hash Browns
Sweet Potato
Yellow Onion
Garlic Powder
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Salt & Pepper
Maple Syrup

I cut the hash brown recipe in half so I knew we would eat it all and only used one large sweet potato. Peeled, diced, and boiled. I cooked them too long, you almost want them a bit under done since you are also going to brown them in a skillet. While dicing and boiling I had a whole pound of bacon (this I didn’t cut in half since I knew the boys would devour the other half pound of bacon) in the oven. Once it was crispy I put the bacon grease in the skillet and added the drained sweet potatoes and half a yellow onion to brown. Then tossed in the diced bacon and the seasonings. I will say in the future I’ll go easier on the red pepper flakes just so it isn’t too spicy for my kids (although it wasn’t too spicy for us). We then fried some fresh eggs and topped the hashbrowns with the egg and maple syrup. Man was this delicious!

Half pound of bacon crispy and diced ready to toss into  sweet potato hash with the seasonings.

I definitely would boil the potatoes a little less, almost on the undercooked side, so that they were not quite as mushy after bowling and browning. That being said I still got a great gold edge on them and they were so tasty!

The seasonings pictured below are for the full recipe and really you could just do all three “to taste” since they are just tossed in at the end. What I love about this spice combo is that it really makes the hash a savory dish despite the sweet of the potatoes and the maple drizzle at the end.

Look at those eggs. My cousin Kylie has a handful of hens (It has totally given us the itch to get chickens!)  at her house and recently she had some eggs to spare and gifted them to me. I’ll be sharing another recipe and an Easter post featuring the rest of these beauties so stay tuned for that. But let me tell you they were delicious especially on top of this savory sweet potato hash.

The maple drizzle really made this dish! So be sure to not leave it off. Our kiddos even liked it!

My boys dived right in. Sweet potatoes are not their most favorite so it’s one of our “learning it” foods. They did agree to taste and in the end found it

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