Soy Candle Party Favors: A Tutorial

For our recent Stash or Sache Bash a gender reveal for our second little one I wanted to give a thoughtful and themed favor. I also was on a tight budget. I wasn’t sure I could make the candles on my allotted budget, but when I found a 50% of coupon for a local craft store that carries the soy wax I knew I could do it. These ended up costing less then $1 per favor!
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And were much simpler then it seemed.
Things you need:
25 baby food jars with labels removed. I just soaked and ran through the dishwasher
10lbs of soy wax (I got mine at a local craft shop with a coupon for 50% off!)
25 candle wicks with metal base
glue gun
10-25 clothespins (you can reuse these)
microwave save container (large – I used a 8 cup glass bowl with spout and handle – worked perfectly!)
a vial of liquid essence – I chose vanilla – also from my local craft store for just a few dollars.
chalkboard spray paint
scrapbook paper
2′ circle punch
mini hole punch
thin point sharpie
double sided tape
Once the jars had the labels removed and were clean, I painted the lids with chalkboard spray paint. This made them cute and also matched a favor I had done at our previous gender reveal party. 🙂
Next hot glue the wick to the bottom of the jar and put a clothespin on it, across the lip of the jar to hold it in place – the center.
At this point I set to melting the wax in the microwave. I did about 2 cups at a time and did it slowly at first to get the hang of my microwave. I started at 30 second intervals and later discovered I could go to 1 minute intervals. At each pause I stirred the wax to help it melt. Once fully melted I added a bit of vanilla scent – I just eyed it and was careful to make sure I didn’t run out before I got through all 10 lbs. You could definitely tell there was enough of the scent in the wax even when melted.
Then poured it into the jar to about 2/3 full. I do suggest you tap it a bit on the bottom to eliminate air bubbles.
This was a very simple process that just takes time. For about 22 candles and 10lbs of wax it took just over an hour.
Then we set to work cutting out labels with the 2″ circle punch and wrote “Pray for Baby J” on each one. We punched a small hole in them and then tied them onto the jars with raffia. next we cut strips of scrapbook paper – colors that fit our theme – to wrap around the jars. We just used double sided stick tape, although next time I might use hot glue. I secured the first end with tape, wrapped the paper totally around the jar and then secured the second end. I found that the double sided tape on some jars came loose that’s why I would try hot glue next time – although it might not be as smooth…..
Once the candles had time to set I put the lids on. It was suggested on several sites I read about making soy candles that the candles need a couple of days to cure. 
Again I was making them on a football Sunday in plenty of time for them to cure.

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The candles have a wonderful faint, vanilla scent and are so cute glowing when lit. 
They are adorable without the scrapbook paper label if you take all the sticky goop off of the jar – this does take a bit more time. 🙂
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