Stopping is an art. Today I chose to FILL the day. Our recent move “out of town” slowed our life down and that was intentional. Many doubted if we “would like it out (t)here” but our hearts told us it was home. We had no idea just how true that was. Being further out means I have to be more intentional with my time. Focusing on being “present” this year has become a beautiful way of life for our family. And true to “perfect timing” a beautiful book by my favorite author just came out and I’m devouring it, although doing so intentionally. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Stay tuned for my review and a giveaway coming soon! But today we practiced the art of stopping. I have worked hard and say “no.” more often. Today I said “yes” to several things – tasks that reflect our values – this included a mass cooking adventure in the morning and a lot of driving for the boys and I. However, mid day we had had enough and needed to STOP.


So we did. We stopped at the farmer’s market. To eat berries, and delicious peaches. To run, spin, laugh, and stop and smell the roses dahlias. Home we came after delivering dinner to two families, who just welcomed the most beautiful boys, with our spirits filled to the brim with joy.


Time is flying and my boys are growing. Stopping to enjoy. Stopping to be present. Stopping to breathe them in.

IMG_2124 IMG_2118

IMG_2116 FullSizeRender

As we welcome year four with Cashel, and the adventure of preschool.
As we soak in what it means for Camper to be the “big boy” at home four days a week and see him for who HE is.
And as we watch Corban begin to explore the world on his own.

We are stopping.
We are present.



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