When God Made You: a children’s book review

Finding a children’s book that is this beautifully written and reflectively illustrated is a rare treat.  I not only love the quality of the  product and the vivid, colorful printing;  but even more importantly the story of self-assurance, sense of self and others, and the truth that we are loved by God.

This book is a beautiful depiction of God’s love for His children and how He intentionally and perfectly creates us all. The rhythmic story and equally colorful and imaginative illustrations keep you examining and engaging with each page.  Children, all made so uniquely, can find themselves in the story. Whether they are quiet, noisy, creative, athletic, curious, intense, calm, or a bit of it all –  children are given the message that they are valued just as they are.

The end papers of the book are a wonderful precursor to both the intentionally chosen language and the story told by the artist’s illustrations. I love having my kids make predictions about a story  based on the first end papers and then as we turn to the last page to use them again as a chance to reflect on the story,  and these end papers do not disappoint –  truly a work of art!

 Here’s a tip… 

When I first opened a book to these pages I will often ask questions like…

1.  Looking at these pages what do you think the story might be about?

2.  What do you notice on these pages? What could that tell us about the story?

3.  Why do you think illustrator chose those colors? Or designs? What might these choices reveal to us?

It really is Turner’s story and beautiful language that is the most captivating, but thankfully Catrow’s illustrations extend the impact and do more than just do it justice.

“When you dance alone, spinning like a cyclone, being whoever, whatever, in the world all your own, God smiles and here’s why-in the spark in your eye, as you know your reflection shines bright from inside.”

” ‘Cause when God made you and the world oohed and aged, in heaven they called you an image of God.”

“You being you is God’s dream coming true.”

Seriously you guys this book values bravery, courage, sense of self and love.   It really is a book to have on your kids shelves, to read and to discuss.

It introduces the idea that we all have a place in this world and are destined to just be ourselves. What a beautiful story that needs to be told to all children.

This book is going into my big boys Easter baskets this weekend and I couldn’t be more delighted to read and reread this with them in years to come.  It’s an opportunity to show them we value how they are each made differently and perfectly in the image of God.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

You can find a copy of the book here at Dayspring or here on Amazon.


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