Isn’t it interestingā€¦ At least it is to meā€¦ that after two years of being focused on “transparency” and “authenticity” I now find myself focusing on privacy and boundaries. A year time of privacy, setting boundaries, and intimacy. In a world full of social networking and sharing I find myself wanting to hold my cards a […]

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Learning to live….

I feel like I am really learning to live. To live with less, To live more fully, To live more intentionally, And to live with less so that my family has more. I am reading the book “living with less so your family has more” by Jill and Mark Savage. It is truly revolutionizing how […]

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Simplify in 2014

I’m one to set goals. I like resolutions. But I like having a “word” better! For several years, and again this year as part of my Women & Wine challenge I am selecting a word. I’ve worked on the same word for a few years actually, and felt ready to move on. It took me […]

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