Isn’t it interesting…
At least it is to me… that after two years of being focused on “transparency” and “authenticity” I now find myself focusing on privacy and boundaries.

A year time of privacy, setting boundaries, and intimacy.

In a world full of social networking and sharing I find myself wanting to hold my cards a bit closer. Sure I’m the queen of sharing photos of my darling boys and gorgeous husband, how can I not be. Sure I like the idea that these social mediums allow us to share, explore, connect. I appreciate it all, but amidst all this “look at me…” “see what I’m doing…” I find myself waiting to enJOY the now and share later. I’m focused on every moment with my family and friends. I find so much joy in sharing  but I’m doing it more selectively.


Sharing is giving a piece of yourself to your audience. I want to be someone who is authentic and transparent, but also wise and healthy. So… I’m in a new time, a new experience, and new adventure.

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