Tea Parties are NOT just for GIRLS

I wanted to host a tea party for some little ones who I love. For the little girls it was going to be their first ever tea party. I started planning and then it hit me. I have a boy. I’m not one to fall into gender stereotypes much at all but I thought… maybe if my boy will be at the tea party some other boys should come too. I picked some wonderful friends to invite and I set to planning. 
I borrowed these adorable buntings from a community of people I am a part of on Facebook. We have lending libraries of entertaining and decor things. They were perfect! I used the mismatched tea sets I have and only groceries from my fridge. I wanted it to be simple, stress free, and fun for all of us! It was perfect. I changed the layout of my house moving our dinging table into the living room and some kiddo friendly toys and table into the dining space.

I borrowed some vintage hats and suitcase to hold them.

Here are the boys at their table. Toys at their height, and plenty of yummy snacks at the kid sized table and chairs. 
Doesn’t little miss Loralei look adorable in her vintage hat?!
And sweet Paige too?

First sips of decaf pomegranate tea. YUMMMM

Cashel loved watching these big boys. I wonder why. 🙂

And play they did.
The boys had as much fun as the girls and tea parties are definitely NOT just for GIRLS!

I just adore this shot of Cashel in the background. He was watching Paige so closely. Soaking it all in.

Here is a sweet video a friend shot of two of the little boys at our Busy Bag Exchange (post coming soon!) Again they just affirmed that tea parties are for EVERYONE.
I can’t wait to host the next bundle of little ones at my place for a tea party.
Hope you are inspired to throw one yourself. 

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