Command Center

So… I’ve been mulling this over for some time.
When you change things in your home does it take some time and thought? Or are you quick to commit? For some reason I have been hesitant to move forward with my dream of a “command center” at my house. I thought my house was just TOO SMALL. The truth is I need to dispel that idea and dive in head first. I am trying to find ways to make it feel bigger, be more organized, and really use our space wisely. After all that thought the command center seemed to do those things exactly. I pinned away, and scoured Goodwill bringing home a bunch of corny frames and a great whiteboard for under $10!
See… corny for sure. I picked shapes, sizes, and frame styles that had potential.
Then hit target because I knew I wanted a mail holder and just couldn’t find one at goodwill. $10 later.
Grabbed some cork roll for $3.99 at JoAnn’s and a can of chalkboard spray paint $3.97 and a can of regular quick dry spray paint for $0.97 and finally a quick stop at the dollar story for a cookie sheet that was magnetic for $1.08. I was off!

After painting a frame black I added the cork to the plexiglass it came with. (I needed two layers to be thick enough for the push pins I wanted to use.)

Here I poked two holes in the cookie sheet one on each end. Just used the nails I then used to nail them to the wall.

Spraying the glass of the flower art (pictured above) with chalkboard paint made it a whole lot less corny, and putting some scrapbook paper I had in a small black frame created a mini white board. I printed off a meal planning sheet from this website – and also put it in a cheap black frame I had – from Walmart.

Here is the space before I added the command center. It is enough out of the way that it’s not a focal point for everyone else. Which I knew was important to me, but it is also in a main location. I previously had a key/coat rack on the wall here but it was just a collection location that I was constantly cleaning up.
I had hope!

Again my space was really limited so I had to plan the space carefully. Here I am trying one layout. It did change slightly because I needed the whiteboard at a good height for a lot of writing and my 5’1″ frame is SHORT. Plus I knew I didn’t want it too low to be able to be hit down by my crazy walking Cashel Man. 🙂

Then it was to a bit of crafting.
Just painting a cardboard J in this case. 🙂 I wanted lightweight and easy to hang. I just punched a pushpin through the back (two actually so the J stays upright) 🙂

I made a few adjustments to the arrangement to fit my criteria and had two pieces I didn’t even use (will use them upstairs for something else).
1. Fits the space
2. Not too high so I can reach things to write on them.
3. Not too low for the kiddo to pull them down.
What do you think?
I’m inspired to be organized. 🙂

The top frame by the “J” is a “whiteboard” for our monthly family Scripture verse.
The whiteboard holds important dates and a checklist for bills.
The small blackboard on the left has a grocery list and a to do list. Plus has a key holder and pen storage.
Below that is our meal plan, just a glass frame with a meal plan behind the glass. Whiteboard pen wipes right off and I can keep track of meals and ingredients I need.
The mail holder has one spot for current mail (bills) and one for receipts and coupons that I need to keep ahold of. 
The cork board in the black frame I post schedules or information flyers that will stay pertinent for a while.  Plus the magnetic cookie sheet is adorable on the bottom left and can hold photos, important receipts or for right now my Albertsons Rachel Ray stamps. 😉
It fits our needs perfectly!

Happy organizing! Hope this inspires you.

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