Thankful on a Thursday 28-44

28. family here visiting. all of us together.

29. a visit from our Irish friend Emma.
30. God’s miracles: a friend I’ve been praying for, for 10 years, messaged me this week. He accepted Christ last March and is married to “an amazing [Christian] woman.”
31. a new behavioral system at school that is motivating for the kids.
32. coupons.
33. a new job. (for the weekends and summer)
34. celebrating with friends. (and great food)
35. camp is only 122 days away.
36. the school auction was a success. $18,000 for the computer lab, $3,000 for new chairs, and $30,000+ that we need for the budget.
37. date night with J&E
38. a fun st. patrick’s day themed pampered chef party tomorrow!
39. a new shirt.
40. our sweets sale that raised over $120 for the students at Sakila School.
41. a children’s book that makes me smile.
42. stuff sold on craigslist so we can pay debt off!
43. a new outfit – from my sister.
44. the children in my life.

life is good.
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