Thankful on a Thursday

1.  i’m thankful for classroom volunteers.
i have 2-3 classroom volunteers that come each week to help students in literacy centers. they are dedicated, interested, and give generously of their time and energy.

2. i woke up late this morning (not what I’m thankful for) but Jamin brought a latte and sandwich to me at school this morning. he also BOOKED IT, from bed and a dead sleep, to try to get the garbage to the curb in time. what a guy.

3. my starbucks cold cup that is successfully helping me drink more water – i like drinking through a straw better.

4. the warm radiator at my school that despite this crazy wind is keeping us warm.

5. no algae, i think i tackled the algae problem in my fish tank at school and the kids are loving being able to actually see the fish.

6. a night at home. we’ll run errands and Jamin will have a short rehearsal but we’ll get to be at home together and eat lasagna!

7. my dogs. i’m growing to love them all over again.

8. donated plants in my classroom that is making my room feel so alive and fresh.

9. gorgeous earrings that my mom MADE in her metal working shop and gave to me!

10. and finally my home. after 6 weeks of house sitting it is SO good to be at home.

(Jamin is my husband – it’s an affectionate nickname, a shortened version of Benjamin. He is a musician and it only seemed fitting. 🙂 )

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