39 years later, a first kiss story.

I’m hoping to do a series of posts centered on marriage and honoring those in my life who have been married for YEARS. I have found them to be so inspiring and wanted to share just parts of their stories.

Yesterday my Aunti Judy and Uncle Bob celebrated 39 years of marriage.

My Uncle Bob posted on his status update, “Today Judy and I celebrate 39 years as husband and wife. I still remember our first kiss. It has been an interesting journey filled with much joy and various challenges. I can’t imagine having lived life without my best friend to share those joys and meet those challenges. We are looking forward to the best years ever!”

It inspired me to ask about that first kiss… and I’m so glad I did.

Here is the story through my Uncle Bob’s eyes. Might be an interesting one if told through the eyes of Aunti Judy.

“I was probably 15 (or so) and I was interested in another girl at the time and she wouldn’t kiss me. I was at Aunti Judy’s house and I was talking to her about this girl that would not kiss me…I said how am I supposed to learn to kiss if she won’t kiss me. I don’t recall if there was any other discussion about the subject, but at some point Aunti Judy said ‘I’ll teach you.’ ‘Really?’ I said.

Judy replied with, ‘Sure’. 
(From Alex… little did Aunti Judy know what that “sure” would get her into?!)

I remember the kiss and I remember the way she smelled. That was the start of something that neither one of us could have imagined. Now…39 years later she still has the same smell…now I call it fragrance.

I used to ask [my daughters] when they talked about a potential life’s mate…”does he smell right”. Now we know that science has proven the power of someones scent as an attractant. I knew it a long time ago.”

Here is to the smell of our life’s partner, best friend, and spouse!
Thanks for sharing Uncle Bob. You and Aunti are truly an inspiration.

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