Thankful on a Thursday

11. Prayer: I’m thankful that I have prayer and that the more I pray the more I realize I need to pray more.
12. I’m thankful for the sunny days we had this weekend and this week. (Rainy Day recess is hard on the teacher)
13. Thankful for the parents in my class that created a fantastic auction project. A garden themed item complete with stepping stones made by the kids.
14. Thankful for auction tickets that were given to my husband and I so we could go.
15. Thankful that Jamin’s boss gave him Saturday off so he can go with me to the auction. It will be the first and only year we have been able to go.
16. The Miss Whatcom County Organization (Miss W.C. will be crowned Saturday and I’ll have a new “sister”) I received so much love, training, scholarship money, and some of my greatest friends thanks to the Miss Whatcom County Scholarship Organization and the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization. I was crowned this weekend (March 12, 2005) six years ago.
17. a new leather love seat that was given to us.
18. a new classroom plant that is right by my desk and brightening my day.
19. my Sunday Growth Group, Thursday night small group, and Monday night Women and Wine Group. I’ve never felt more connected or supported.
20. My husband’s job.
21. my new brother-in-law (my sister-in-law Emily got married January 8, 2011!) Jerod was a long time friend of mine and I think I’m lucky to call him family now.
22.  that summer camp is only 129 days away
23. some “side” jobs that are becoming available to me this summer.
24. the new behavioral system in my classroom that is WORKING!
25. a husband who works SO hard and is so studious.
26. my swiffer vac – thanks for the tip Em and Chellie!
27. freecycle – I got a treadmill that way and also a special gift for my nephew “Special K”
So much to be thankful for this Thursday!
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