The Magical Art of Leaving Things Undone

I am often asked how I make time for reading, how I stay sane with three small children at home, how I can volunteer and balance all that I do. Here’s the deal, I don’t have trouble getting things done. Sometimes I drive those around me batty with my motivation and intensity. I can keep a clean house, I don’t have trouble executing an event or planning a party, I could stay on top of the laundry or all the things on my to do list. However, I often make the choice not to.

I recently watched this video by my favorite author Shauna Neiquist, and yet again I am left completely inspired by her words.  I cannot wait for her new book “Present over Perfect”  to release next week. The coolest thing for me is that this year I chose the word “present” to focus on. I’m amazed at how much this word has recurred throughout and is truly enveloping my life.


I am driven by accomplishment, I wear labels like “she can get it done” and “hard worker.” But most importantly I wear the label of  “Child of God” and that’s where I find my value. I wholeheartedly believe that leaving things undone is important.  And I am working to create a life in the here and now that is based on my values.

I have developed the discipline of  leaving things undone.   And I’m working to continue this practice, to hone it, and to use it in all areas of my life.  It is in these moments that I find myself the most rested, I am completely present in the moment with my children, or I actually hear my husband’s heart.  It is in those moments that God speaks to me. There I learn more about myself and those I love.

Will you consider this discipline and its place in your life? It is a discipline. And it does take practice.  You will never be able to do it unless you try.

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