A Worthy Heart: Book Review

I devoured this book. I needed a good Fiction read, and I knew it. I realized all the non fiction I had been reading was beginning to blur together in my mind. Not only did I love the story as a whole but I LOVED the characters individually. I was worried since I began the “Courage to Dream” series written by Susan Anne Mason with A Worthy Heart, the second in the series, but it did not disappoint.


One afternoon as my kids played around me I was struck with the sibling connections in the story and so touched by the ties that bound them. Oceans couldn’t keep them apart. Traditional roles do not discourage the main character Maggie from pursuing her dream along with other strong female characters. That being said they also formed strong relational connections and the romance felt real and plausible. This is why I was so engrossed.


I found myself totally rooting for characters, enthralled where life would take them. I was inspired by their love and faith and by the Montgomery family’s commitment to one another. I think some of the pull for me was the Irish heritage that I hold so dear that was so intricately woven into the story. Yes this is a story of an immigrant family but it is also an American story. The bad guy was bad, the good guys endearing. I loved having multiple story lines happening and several characters to cheer on. I identified with the strong females but oh am I sap for a true romance. Some unpredictable twists helped keep the story alive and interesting. It also lead me to want to read the others in the series. I’m certain I’ll fall more in love with the family.


A Worthy Heart even went camping with me and I was able to complete the story in just under a week. That says something considering I am a mom to three kids under four. I dropped other books, shows, and even left a few things undone (read more about that here) in order to finish and boy am I glad that even though this review is alarmingly late – the book got packed away in our move – I am so glad I still went for it. I hope you will check out the Courage to Dream series and prepare to make a few good friends in these characters. I’m headed to track down the others in the series for sure!

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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