WWU Children's Literature Conference

This February Alex attended the WWU Children’s Literature Conference. It was such a treat – it brings her so much inspiration and motivation!

http://www.wwuclc.com/ is where you can learn more about this year’s conference and the featured guests – Marla Frazee, Lind Sue Park, John Green, and Gerald McDermott. We are reading “Seesaw Girl” by Linda Sue Park right now and will be making Bee-bim Bop according to her story “Bee-bim Bop!” When story comes alive it truly can change a child, or adult’s, life!

This year Alex’s First Grade Friends created a special introduction video for one of the featured author/illustrators – Gerald McDermott. Thank you to Nancy Johnson of Western Washington University for giving us the opportunity!

After learning a great deal about folklore and about Mr. McDermott himself the students created an incredible video production and it was used to introduce him at the conference.

The students are really looking forward to hearing from him personally, they loved getting autographed books, and seeing pictures of THEIR teacher with THEIR author!
They can’t wait to head to the Children’s Museum in Tacoma to see their Gerald McDermott exhibit called “Soar Into The Story” later in April.

Thank you to Mr. McDermott for his passion to share story with students and to all those authors, librarians, and teachers who work to bring reading to life. You are truly an inspiration!

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