Trusting for right, not better…

Well so much has changed in our lives since I last wrote. It’s hard to know where to start. But today I want to talk about a phrase people use when you are disappointed, or saddened by an outcome. They say, “Oh don’t worry, God has something better for you.” They are well meaning and thankfully most people who are saying that kind of thing to me are also praying for you, or in this case our family in this time of transition, and genuinely want good for us.

What I am learning is that it isn’t that God always has something better. He just has the right thing in the right time. I’m not praying for something better. I’m praying for His will and that my heart will get in line with it.

I’m also believing that we are trusting Him with our lives and what’s next, and believing He will honor that and provide for us. No matter what He actually has in store, I’m trusting it’s right.

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