My hope is built on nothing less…

As 2012 comes to a close I feel so blessed.

1. a son
2. a family
3. friends who are family
4. a church
5. a community.
6. provision
God is so incredibly good and I’m not sure what this next year holds but as I look back at 2012 and also into the final months of 2011 I am struck with this line “this is my story.” There are so many parts of my life in which I said “I didn’t think this would be my story.” I wrote those very words last December.
But, as I re-read unpublished blog posts that I wrote just one year ago, I feel moved to share that story. For the first time ever. I am going to take some time to edit some unpublished blog posts and then publish a series of posts called “my story” as I feel it is time and the Lord is calling me to do it. 
“I’m holding on to Him.” and will share our story. Stay tuned.
In the mean time check out this song that has been very special to me.
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