“Unexpecting: real talk on pregnancy loss” Review and GIVEAWAY a signed copy!

This book is a gift. “Unexpecting: real talk on pregnancy loss” by Rachel Lewis is like a conversation with an old friend, a friend that is filled with wisdom, listens well, and has a plethora of resources. (Affiliate link) An incredible resource for those currently experiencing loss and equally valuable for those who have ever lost a child, or as a loved one supporting a loss family. Author Rachel Lewis created a tool and a companion to carry during and after loss that is a priceless gift.

She formatted the book in an easily digestible way, you can jump around as your needs dictate or read it cover to cover. With each page turn Lewis helps you process, sit in your own unique story and also validates your experience. She creates space for the reader that is often hard to find or come by. This precious gift of time and space, and the inclusion of others’ words and stories, keeps the audience broad and the message inclusive.

No matter when or how you faced loss, “Unexpecting” is for you. Finally we have a book, a compilation of experiences and also a love letter from a fellow loss parent, that can be freely gifted and used by loss parents and family who just don’t know what is next. The journal prompts help facilitate healing and grieving. Whether you are currently experiencing loss or are years ‘past it’ in time (because really we will never be ‘past it’) this book will help. I know because it helped me.

I have already purchased multiple copies to have readily available and per the author’s suggestion will gift it freely to those I encounter going through loss. I’ll do so with no expectation that they read any or all of it, offering to read it with them, or to receive the book back read or unread. Knowing that if they can read any part of Lewis’ message they will feel more known, understood and not alone. And if they cannot… I am more equipped to sit with them.

If you have never experienced loss, as 1 in 4 women do (and beyond that those women represent so many more who are impacted,) this book is still one to read. Read to understand because you will one day be grateful for the way this opened your mind to grief, even if it is only the grief of others.

AND THE GREAT NEWS IS… I have a signed copy to give away to one of you lovely readers. Comment on the blog below or on Facebook and include one way you think this book can or could have helped. If you share this post on social media and tag me you will recieve two extra entries and for each person you tag in the comments you’ll receive one additonal entry. I hope you will share with anyone and everyone! Plus if you decide to just preorder yourself you have until Monday, August 10th you can get several amazing pre-order bonuses!

Thanks to the publisher for (one of) my cop(ies) of this book. All opinions here are my own and I have personally purchased multiple copies as well. I highly recommend picking up one yourself.

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