Waddle it be? The setup…

Here is the Waddle it be? Gender Reveal Party we did at the end of April. For those of you who don’t know how we managed to be surprised ourselves, but allowed our sister’s to know ahead of time read “Are we crazy?!”
The invitations were designed by my talented sister-in-law Emily…
My sister Tonie did an excellent job as the party planner on the overall setup and vision of the day. She also chose an incredible designer Allyson Noel and took the photos of the day herself. Visit her at Tonie Christine Photography
For more information about the printed signs visit Allyson Noel‘s site.

Sugar Studios, whom you can find on facebook created the beautiful cookies, I created the candy treats for guests by using chalk board paint on baby food jars. 
Good old Martha Stewart blog and we were able to make these puffs! It was certainly a group effort.

The cake was DELICIOUS and made from a Better Homes & Garden recipe. My husband found the adorable cake topper in an antique store. 

Cream Puffs and egg shaped meringues for dessert!
Tonie thought of all the details including these incredible napkins.
A dear friend of mine made gifts for all the guests. They are sunflower sprouts and on the “Waddle it be?” tag there were instructions about planing and then a reminder to pray for Benjamin and I and Baby J as the sunflower blossoms this summer. 

Yes there were even baby chicks! These were especially for my husband who had the crazy idea but never thought Tonie and I would go for it. 🙂 And of course all the guests under 10 really enjoyed this aspect of the party. They are now being raised on a farm, no baby chicks were harmed we promise. 
Here was the guest sign in table where guests wrote a greeting to Baby J inside the book and a prayer for his/her life on the brown paper which will be framed in the nursery.

The voting board was a huge hit and it was so fun to see ahead of time what people thought Baby J would be.

My sister was not only the party planner but also the photographer. Be sure to find Tonie Christine Photography on Facebook and follow the other creative things she is doing!
Here we are casting our personal votes.

We were split 50/50! Who will be right?

I love that the box also showed what people’s guesses were. This was such a fun addition to the picture and to have their initial reactions caught on camera was just another fantastic touch that Tonie was able to capture

Stay tuned for the BIG reveal…
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