Are we crazy? How did we ever agree to this?!

Originally I really didn’t want to know if Baby J was a boy or a girl. However, we have been having a very hard time with names, and that might just be an understatement, so I ultimately decided it would help narrow our thinking. Plus my husband, who is one of the most giving and flexible people I know, did assert himself on knowing the gender of the baby. He really wanted to know!
Our compromise was to do a gender reveal party!
And of course we had to do it and…. really do it well.
So… at 17.5 weeks along we headed to my doctor. These pictures are taken just before going inside. I had created two cards, one for my sister Tonie and one for Benjamin’s sister Emily. Each was made with words from Baby magazines that suited how they have felt and have responded to this little niece or nephew. It was so much fun to make them.

We headed in to the ultrasound room with our cards in hands and a plan.

Of course me being the teacher that I am there were even written instructions. Each card was ready for the word “boy” or “girl” to be written inside them. We asked the technician to warn us when we got to a point in our ultrasound where we should look away, so we wouldn’t know the gender. She did just that. We also asked for her to still print the “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” ultrasound picture, that showed the  news, so that we could have it for the the keepsake book. She did that for us as well. πŸ™‚
The moment when she asked us to look away was torture and we repeatedly said “Are we crazy?!” “How did we ever agree to this!?”

 Inside the cards she wrote the gender and in my sister’s card she included the picture so that after the reveal we could add that photo to my Belly Book!  at 19.5 weeks we mailed the cards to there home. Just few days later they received them. Here is my sister Tonie just moments after reading the news!

This is where Tonie and Emily’s job began. The gender reveal party was 3.5 weeks after the ultrasound and a few days after they received their cards. We waited to mail them so they wouldn’t have to keep the secret quite as long. πŸ˜‰ 
We are very close to our sisters and worried that the exciting news might slip. πŸ™‚
They truly kept the secret! 
And on the day of the “Waddle it be?” party they personally prepared the box of balloons that we opened to reveal the gender.
So yes only our sister’s knew the gender and the rest of us found out together! Including both sets of grandparents who are all first time grandparents, 2 first time uncles and LOTS of friends and family.
Stay tuned tomorrow and Wednesday for the rest of the reveal story!

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