What I should have sent the new moms to encourage them…

This post is a follow up to my post yesterday. “To encourage new moms I sent this?!” So start there…
And it will primarily just be a quoted post from the text message stream I sent my sister and friend who just recently became moms. They are in the thick of it and I needed to share a dose of reality, let them know that they were not alone.
So… here goes…
Ok girls, so I sent you all those cute pictures of me with my boys this morning on our “Forest Walk,” but I then realized what you really needed to see was the rest of my day…
Grabbed carryout pizza at Dominoes using the online ordering application. The boys like pizza with black olives to that’s what we got.
I also ate a large helping of delicious fudgy brownies. (I may or may not have eaten the whole pan myself over a few of days – okay maybe 2 days.)
Did I mention that at this point I lost all sense of fashion or even clothing and added plaid PJ pants to my striped maternity shirt?
After having the boys eat lunch – while watching Pocahontas – I put Camper (age 1.5) down for his nap, came downstairs while Cashel (age 3) watched the remainder of Pocahontas and the start of another show – not sure what he picked… and packed one large box of non-maternity clothes that I no longer fit (sigh) while tidying the boys bedroom. Albeit tidy it is certainly not clean.
Camper went down fairly easily. Cashel laid in bed, got out of bed, read quietly, and destroyed the room, finally falling asleep over an hour later. So… I went downstairs (we are staying in the basement of my parents home while we await our new home) to “watch a show.”
My bed was not made, just like I like it.
Since Xfinity was not working this of course led to a two hour nap amidst utter chaos.
Then I got up and puttered around the mountains of laundry and piles of clothing. Trying to at least get them organized into random baskets. Whatever that means? And brought our stuff down from the upper level of the house into ‘our space.’ One load of laundry into the washing machine, a basket folded and brought downstairs, and I find myself turning Xfinity on again. 🙂 While I try to face the mountains of clothing. 
Not to mention several caffeinated drinks, no plans for dinner, and lots of dog hushing. 
Did I mention that I ditched the bra and added these lovely zebra slippers to my ensemble?
PS Benjamin (my darling husband) just texted and asked me if I wanted him to bring pizza home for dinner, not knowing that we had it for lunch, and I said… YES!
That’s it.
So now just a few thoughts as I close. I hope this had you laughing or maybe crying. That you see my heart. Most days are more like this then the picture perfect “forest walk.” They are filled with moments of “what am I doing?” or “this is hard.” And I’m blessed to have a partner who understands and regularly reminds me, “We both know that your job is harder.” Some days and some seasons are different. And no this is not something I would post to my social network regularly. However, it is something I share with close friends via text streams that we use to encourage each other. I don’t know that all this reality should be shared so broadly. But I do know that it can help us, each other, to be honest and transparent and sometimes to just be real. So here’s me being real. For a minute here on my blog. Sharing some things I am learning. Hope you will stay tuned as I learn and grow as I figure out these lessons and what’s next….

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