What’s in a name…?

So a couple weeks ago we began to share our sweet little boy’s name with those beyond immediate family. It has been a fun (albeit challenging process) to name and then share his name with the world.

We started talking about names from the day we found out we were pregnant and actually picking a name was a huge reason we decided to find out the gender of our little one. We generally agreed on names we liked, but we just found the list growing longer by the day and felt that knowing the gender would help us at least narrow the discussion a little. Although… with our love for gender neutral names we also ran the risk of still struggling.

We both wanted some kind of name with meaning, but also felt he should have a name of “his own.” We wanted some family connection, but struggled with what that would look like for him and future children.

One day Benjamin came to me, after searching an Irish name list – which we found ourselves particularly drawn to, and suggested the name Cashel. I knew that was it immediately, but of course was hesitant to even say the word. I had traveled throughout Ireland in my early teen years and not only fallen in love with the people but also the landscape and rich history. I shared with Benjamin a bookmark I had in my Bible, from the time I was in eighth grade of the “Rock of Cashel.” It was my favorite castle and I loved the grandeur of the surrounding area.

He couldn’t quite believe it had been there for 14 plus years and here we were talking about it for the name of our child. Just last week we found an 8 by 10 photo I took of the Rock of Cashel on my visit there in 1998, which is now framed and in Cashel’s room.

We looked up the name and found that Cashel meant “fortress” and it quickly took the top spot on our list. But, we still didn’t decide right away. We had so many names we loved and just couldn’t abandon them… yet. After several weeks of discussing it and praying we felt like we had his name. We wrote it on our chalkboard pantry doors with three separate middle names and then the middle name debate began.

We found ourselves really falling in love with the name and enjoyed sharing it with family and friends. Hearing them call him by his name really impacted us both. In fact, for me a defining moment was when I sat with a little girl we love very dearly, at her bedtime, and we sang the “Happy Birthday” song with MANY different names inserted into it. (It is her favorite bedtime song.) I just kept coming back to “Happy Birthday Cashel” and could envision us singing it for years to come. I knew.

On Mother’s day Benjamin presented me with a necklace that had a “C” on it as his way of telling me we had a name! So now we are AB & C ~ Alex, Benjamin, and Cashel!

Just a few weeks ago we settled on the middle name fully and it comes from the name of the castle, but also as a tribute to Kansas and our beloved Jayhawks. Cashel Rock Jacobson will know where he comes from for sure! Benjamin grew up in Kansas and his family has a LOVE for the Jayhawks. They are avid basketball fans and the “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” chant is part of our every day vocabulary. It truly represents a bond between the Jacobsons that is so very special, we just knew we needed to include that in his name.

So our sweet son, Cashel Rock Jacobson, will know of his history. Irish on Momma’s side and serious ties to Kansas on his Papa’s side.

We believe that the meaning “Fortress” and knowing that he will have his foundation in The Rock – Jesus Christ will be of great significance to him and to us as his parents.

Plus you may also remember this blog post about our use of the name “Baby J” as a reference to the “Baby Jay” mascot. πŸ˜‰

Anyway… I’d love to hear more about your inspiration for your children’s names so take the Reader Poll below!

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  1. Love the name, Alex, and that you put so much thought into the significance of the banner that will be spoken over him his entire life. Names were so important to the Lord (showed so many times through the Bible) and I love that Cashel has a name that has so much meaning to you two.

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