The Beloved Hope Chest: book review

The Beloved Hope Chest is An Amish Heirloom Novel by Amy Clipston and the fourth in the series. It does not disappoint. Clipston is one of my favorite Amish Fiction writers and this book is no exception.

As a culmination in the series this book does an excellent job of tying together clues we’ve been given throughout the series. The story is touching and emotional, and deals with real grief and tragedy.

As a mother myself I can relate. It would have been easy to just allude to this mother’s story throughout the other three books, but to dedicate an entire book to her grief, her experience, and her life is a beautiful tribute to Motherhood.

A mother’s story can easily be lost, to herself and to her children, but this book shows you that a steady mother who puts her children first and is attentive to their needs (like Mattie does in the other three stories) still has her own experience. I’m grateful to Clipston for her gentle reminder of this.


As a mother of four little boys I appreciate the very real storyline presented here. As you can see my motherhood story is still unfolding. Fitting in reading during bath time, I couldn’t pull pull my eyes away from this story. Grateful to the Booklook Bloggers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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