Who's Chopped? Ben – The Birthday Boy

Chopped Jacobson Style

For Ben’s 21st birthday we hosted a “Chopped” competition. A cook off where someone teamed with Ben against another couple of chefs. Five courses, ten amazing dishes, with MANY secret ingredients it was a night full of food and fun.

Ben has a new found love for the food channel. Especially the shows “Chopped” and “Top Chef.” He had dreamed of coming home to a bag of secret ingredients and a time limit. 🙂

First Ben teamed with his Dad, Rich, against his sister Emily and friend Brandon. Spam was the most challenging of their 3 secret ingredients.

Course 2 was Benjamin and brother Luke against Tonie, Alex’s sister and her friend Brandon. The most challenging of ingredients – a root called Mongala.

In Round 3 Benjamin and James Gunter took on the Bradfords. Secrent ingredients included frest crab, zuccini, and pineapple juice. Two truly incredible dishes were created.

Next to challenge Ben, this time paired with Brent, were Dave and Heather Raley.
Secret ingredients included – bacon, canned crab, chicken, cucumber and coconut milk.

These were truly masterpieces.

The fifth and final round was a head to head between Nate and Courtney Werner and Benjamin and Eric “Trudy” Trudeau. Their feat was to cook with Buddah’s hand (a sort of citrus fruit), pomogranate and pie crust.

Happy 21st BenJamin!

This birthday was also a celebration of Ben’s many talents. His culinary expertise is developing as are his muscial talents. God has placed a dream in Ben’s heart and a call on his life to serve him through music ministry. Ben received from family and friends a new garage door to have installed on his ongoing studio project. The door will keep his instruments and equipment safe and the room warm enough. Thank you to all who contributed. A photo will be coming when it is installed in December!

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